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How to Touch Up Your Roots with ion Root Cover

When we think of roots and hair color, we often think of blonde hair with dark roots because dark roots can stand out more visibly against lighter hair. However, if your hair naturally is lighter and you color it darker, then the root color won’t match the rest of your hair when there’s growth. This is when you need to learn how to touch up your roots at home. Whether you’ve chosen to lighten or darken your hair, at some point in time your natural color will begin to re-emerge at the roots and the time is right for an application of ion Color Brilliance Root Cover .

How to Touch Up Your Roots with ion Root Cover

Is Root Cover Different from Other Color?

Root cover is just that — it’s designed to color (cover) just the root growth and is not for all-over color. Applying root cover is easy and often takes less time than applying all-over color. Root cover is not only the ideal way to hide root growth, but ion Color Brilliance Root Cover  also will cover gray hair.

How to Touch Up Your Roots with ion Root Cover

How to Use Root Cover

Before you apply root cover, gather the following items:

  • Smock or old t-shirt because any type of hair color can stain your clothing
  • Protective gloves
  • Stain barrier cream
  • Rattail comb
  • Ion Color Brilliance Root Cover


Safety Tip: Always read all product instructions and warnings before using. Be sure to perform both a strand test and patch test as recommended before applying the coloring product.

How to Touch Up Your Roots with ion Root Cover

To apply root cover color:

  • Start with dry hair and wear your protective gloves.
  • Apply the stain barrier cream. If you’re only applying to the roots at the part, you may opt to skip this step.
  • Using your rattail comb, create your natural part.
  • Tilt the Ion Color Brilliance Root Cover brush and dab the color directly onto your roots at the part you’ve created.
  • Blend the root cover in using the brush, your fingertips, or your rattail comb.
  • Using the rattail comb, expose another section to either side of your natural part. Apply the root cover.
  • Continue this process if you change your part up a lot and need to make sure your roots are covered whichever part you choose for the day. Repeat on the other side if needed.
  • Apply the root cover to your hairline and then the crown area.

The great thing about this type of root cover is that it’s the perfect way to extend the time in between root touch-ups or full-color re-applications. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you don’t even need any water. You can do this even if you’re short of time before running out the door because this product is formulated to leave your hair smelling clean and fresh, just like a dry shampoo — no annoying chemical smell. It’s also alcohol-free so it won’t dry out your hair.

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