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How to Touch Up Roots

If you’re looking for a new look—or, if you’re trying to touch up an old style—you’re in luck. Your hair might grow a half-inch per month, but you can touch up the roots into an ironclad base. Your roots, on average, will become visible after four weeks. Below, we dive into the best ways you can touch up your hair, save your roots and redefine your style. Take a look at our “shade-saving” tips and learn how to touch up roots:

How to Touch Up Roots

Tip One: For the Quick Color

You don’t need to do a full color-over to control your roots. In fact, many root coloring kits are on par with in-salon remedies. Quickly take control of your style with the ion Color Brilliance 10 Minute Permanent Hair Color, and freshen up your roots with awesome accuracy. Simply apply color to your roots, and aim for your hair’s parting zone. Go to the temples and hairline, too. Once you’ve settled the score, color-wise, finish off your coat with Ion Color Defense After-Color Sealer.

How to Touch Up Roots

Tip Two: For the Grown-Out

Sometimes, a quick touch up won’t cover long-grown-out roots. If your highlights are getting old, you can touch up your roots with a quick color application. Target the base of your highlights, and make them brighter with transition hues. If you’re sporting a brown look, go with caramel. If you’re rocking red, try touching up with a softer shade.

How to Touch Up Roots

Tip Three: For the Repeat Rooter

If you want to touch up your roots regularly, you should invest in a tint brush, a small wire whisk and a color bowl. While an at-home remedy, the kitchen touch-up is totally on par with in-salon purchases.

Use the wire whisk to stir up your preferred 10 Minute Color shade, and develop the perfect shade. Keep working out any chunks of color, and be sure your dye is totally even before applying. Next, use your tint brush, and lay on the dye with its rounded edges. Remember: Protective glasses are definitely needed. You’re going to be using a hands-on approach, so don’t neglect your safety. The Ion Color Brilliance Extra Wide Jumbo Purple Tint Brush, here, should do the job perfectly.

How to Touch Up Roots

Tip Four: For the Bottom-Up

If you have thick hair, or if you’re using a bright color, it’s important to apply your re-tint from the bottom-up. Your color will be a little less potent at the bottom, but it’s important to solidify your root-based look to prevent further color loss. Keep your sections organized, and check out this article for a step-by-step picture rundown.


Always use your tint brush’s tail to section off hair. You should be able to see color through each section’s side. If you can’t try making smaller sections. As you paint, brush your color upward. Then, paint downward beyond your parting to avoid missing any spots. When you’re finished, move to the front sections. Clip them together, and twist the hair as you need. As always: Be careful with your hair! Your roots deserve love and attention—and so does your day-to-day look.

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