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How to Texturize Hair: What You Need to Know

So, you’d love to be able to pull off that texturized look with your hair, but you’re not exactly sure how to texturize hair. This can be very difficult for women who have naturally straight or fine hair, which tends to be resistant to texturizing styles. However, no matter what kind of hair you’ve been blessed with, there are a few products and techniques you can try to add texture and dimension to your hair easily.

How to Texturize Hair: What You Need to Know

Use a Texturizing Spray

Texturizing sprays are designed specifically to add a tousled and textured look to your hair, so these are definitely the best place to start if you’ve had trouble pulling off this look with your hair type in the past. These are ideal for adding dimension to hair and are also strong enough to last all day long without the need for touch-ups. Texturizing spray waxes are ideal because they provide the hold you need without weighing down your hair or causing it to clump together.

To use a texturizing spray, begin with dry hair. Spritz hair with the spray and then use your hands and fingers to gently tousle your hair until you achieve your desired look.

How to Texturize Hair: What You Need to Know

Try Styling With Dry Shampoo

If you don’t have any texturizing spray on-hand, dry shampoo can also be used to add texture to your hair. Plus, with dry shampoo, you can enjoy the added benefit of cleansing your hair without the need for a full wash.
Always begin by shaking the can of dry shampoo thoroughly, then hold the can about half a foot away from the hair while you spray it in sections. Focus on spraying towards the roots and middle of the hair for the best results in terms of volume and texture. Once sprayed, allow the dry shampoo to sit for a minute or so. Then, use your fingers to tousle the hair and add a textured look. The dry shampoo should provide the hold you need without hair spray.

How to Texturize Hair: What You Need to Know

Use a Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt sprays are also known for their texturizing properties, so consider giving one a try on your own hair—especially if you like the appearance of messy, beachy waves. Use this product in the same way you would use a texturizing spray, by applying it to the hair and then using the fingers to gently toss and add dimension to your look. Sea salt sprays can lose their hold throughout the day, so consider bringing it with you for touch-ups or finish with a high-hold hairspray for best results.

How to Texturize Hair: What You Need to Know

Braid and Straighten

Using the right products will help you achieve the texturized look you want, but if you’re looking to add texture to your hair without the need for products, you may also want to give this overnight style a try (it’s especially great on naturally straight and fine hair).

Begin with damp hair that has been recently combed through. Braid the hair into either one ponytail or two pigtails, depending on how defined you want the waves to be. Sleep on the hair. When you wake up, use your straightening iron on a low heat setting to go over the braids gently. This will help to hold the style in place. Then, remove the braids gently to reveal highly texturized and dimensional waves!

No matter what your hair type, figuring out how to texturize hair is never more than a product or two away!

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