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How to Style Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Beauty trends around the workplace seem to be constantly changing. One week it’s all about the perfect statement necklace and then before you know it everyone’s talking about the easiest ways to create a low-knot updo because a high-bun seems a bit too fussy. It’s fun to play around with the latest beauty trends and even more fun to try out new looks for work, play or anytime.

While straight and sleek styles are giving way to waves and curls, that doesn’t mean it’s time to shove that flat iron to the back of the drawer. You can create fun, trendy waves and stylish curls with your flat iron and look salon fresh before that 9 a.m. meeting.

Flat Iron Beauty Basics

A flat iron with beveled edges is the ideal tool for creating curls and waves that look like you just stepped out of the salon. The Ion One Stroke Perpetual Heat Iron has provides stable, consistent heat that makes creating curls and waves quick and easy while keeping your hair shiny and healthy-looking.

We know heat-styling can take a toll on hair. Protect your hair with a heat-styling cream that not only helps hair retain its moisture, but one that also can help manageability by reducing frizz and flyaway strands.

Tip: Always read the application instructions on all hair styling tools and products. Some are applied to wet or damp hair, while others are designed to work on dry hair.

Soft, Bouncing Curls

Ideal for work or a night out, a head full of soft, bouncing curls can instantly transform your look. If your hair is all one length, work in two-inch sections. For shorter hair, work in slightly more than an inch wide. For layered hair, separate your hair into top and bottom sections, securing the top with a hair clip. Curl the bottom section first and then curl the top layers.

Start at the ear and work your way to the back of the head and stop when you hit the middle. Switch sides, creating curls until you meet the curls from the other side. Finish by creating curls with the hair that frames your face.

To create the curl:

  • Take a section of hair by its ends and place the flat iron about two inches from the roots for long hair and about an inch for short hair. Hold the flat iron upward.
  • Wrap the hair around the bottom plate of the flat iron. The hair’s ends should be facing downward. Close the plates.
  • While turning the flat iron outward, slide it slowly down toward the hair’s ends to create the curl.

Flat Iron Waves

Sometimes you just need some fun with your hair. Flat iron waves are a great look for work, especially in the warmer weather when you pair the hair style with a sleeveless linen dress or a gorgeous floral blouse.

To create flat iron waves:

  • Take a section of hair by its ends and place the flat iron about two inches from the roots for long hair and about an inch for short hair. Hold the flat iron upward.
  • Wrap the hair around the flat iron plate and at the same time twist the flat iron away from your head.
  • Slide the flat iron quickly along the hair (like you would creating curly ribbons for gift package.)
  • Repeat until you’ve a head of wavy curls.

Apply finishing product by spraying it on your fingers and running your fingers through the curls to loosen and lightly set the sexy waves.

Easy Beach Waves

If you can plait a braid and have your flat iron ready, you can create a head-turning beach waves quickly and easily. With dry hair, plait two-inch braids around your head. Starting near the braid’s top, squeeze your flat iron down along the braid down to its tip. After each braid cools, undo it and run your fingers through to loosen the braid. Try Ion’s Shaping Plus as a finishing spray to hold the beautiful beach waves even in the highest humidity. For other beach waves styling techniques, check out How to Get Perfect Beach Waves here on our blog.

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