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How to Remove Hair Color from Skin

DIY hair color at home with Ion products is an easy way to get that perfect shade. Enhancing or changing your hair color allows you to look and feel your best on your own terms—but accidents happen. You get in a hurry, the puppy decides he wants to play or the kids burst in startling you, which causes a splatter of hair color to hit your arm. Or what about that hair color that slides its way onto your forehead or ear tips? Are you doomed to walk around with hair color stains?


Don’t worry we’ve got a fix for hair color stains on your skin. Check out these best methods for how to remove hair color from skin.

How to Remove Hair Color from Skin

Act Quickly

One of the best ways to remove hair color from your skin is to not let it dry and stain. If possible, act immediately after the hair color hits your skin. Dampen a cotton ball or cotton swab with warm water and wipe away the hair color while it’s still wet. The longer the hair color sits on skin, the higher the risk for staining.

How to Remove Hair Color from Skin

Hair Color Stain Remover

The right products can make hair care, safe and effortless. When coloring your hair at home, keep a bottle of Ion Color Brilliance Stain Remover on hand. It quickly and easily removes unwanted hair color stains from your face, neck, ears, hands and any other exposed skin. It contains no offensive odors and its aloe gel will soothe even sensitive skin.

How to Remove Hair Color from Skin

Home Remedies to Remove Hair Color from Skin

Three simple home remedies that may help remove hair color stains from skin include:

  • Olive oil
  • Baby oil
  • Hair spray

Both olive oil and baby oil will soften the skin and help break up the hair color that stained the skin. Hair spray won’t soften your skin like the oils, but it may also work to lighten hair color stains. To use any of these home remedies, apply either of the oils or the hair spray directly to a cotton ball, cotton swab or clean cloth. Rub the olive oil, baby oil or hair spray onto the stain to remove it. It may take more than one application. In between applications, rinse the stained skin with warm water and dab dry.

If the color stain is light, you may try removing it using your favorite brand of makeup remover.

Avoid:  It’s not recommended to use nail polish remover to remove hair color stains from skin, especially if it contains acetone. Even nail polish removers without acetone should be avoided. These products can be harsh to facial skin, especially if you have any type of skin sensitivities.

How to Remove Hair Color from Skin

How to Remove Hair Color from Skin: Preventive Measures

The best way method for keeping your skin stain-free when coloring—pre-coloring prevention. Always wear protective, disposable gloves to keep hair color from staining fingers and hands and treat areas prone to staining with a protective cream like Ion Color Brilliance Stain Barrier Crème. It not only protects the skin from staining, but it moistures with avocado oil for a silky feel. Areas to protect with a barrier cream include the nape of the neck, the earlobes, ear tips, forehead and jawline.

Another preventative measure tip: Skip your morning facial wash on the day you color your hair. Your skin’s natural oils can help to reduce the intensity of hair color staining.

Warning: Before using any hair color product or anything (commercial or home remedy) on your skin, be aware of potential allergies or sensitivity issues.

Coloring your hair at home should never be stressful. Knowing a few tricks for how to remove hair color from your skin can make the process easier and even a bit more fun.

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