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How to Make Your Morning Routine Easier & Quicker

Getting out the door on time each morning, especially with kids, can be a challenge. From refereeing fights over bathroom time to signing field trip permission slips with one hand while attempting to pack a healthy lunch with the other, morning chaos is maddening. Busy moms have their hands full. Let us help you make your morning routine a bit easier and quicker with five time management tips for moms.


How to Make Your Morning Routine Easier & Quicker

Night Prep

Anything you can do the night before makes the morning routine easier. Our top list of morning things that can be done the night before include:

  • Use a programmable coffee maker so it’s brewed and ready when you wake
  • Pack lunch when putting away the dinner leftovers
  • Have older kids pack their own lunch each night after dinner/before bed
  • Prep breakfast items at night: set out cereal boxes, have fruit cleaned, sliced and waiting in fridge or have grab-and-go items ready
  • Have kids’ backpacks packed and set out along with outwear and shoes
  • Plan your outfit with accessories so there’s no time wasted by staring into the closet wondering what to wear
  • Have the kids pick out their school clothes the night before as well

How to Make Your Morning Routine Easier & Quicker

Have Quick Hair Options

There are some mornings that simply go awry, despite planning and prep. When these days happen, having a plan along with a couple of tried and true quick hair options can save you from walking out the door feeling (and looking) like a madwoman. Dry shampoo can be a huge time saver on crazy mornings. It’ll refresh your hair and allow you to create a style fast without looking as if you were in a rush.

Practice quick styles when you’re not pressed for time so it’s easy to achieve these looks when needed. Rely on classic yet stylish looks like a braided pony or messy bun that can be created in less than five minutes and still look good. Need some easy pony tail ideas? Check out our 6 Unexpected Pony Tail Styles.  

How to Make Your Morning Routine Easier & Quicker

Clear the Bathroom Counter

The bathroom counter often becomes a cluttered, chaotic mess teeming with bottles, tubes and personal care essentials. Keep the bathroom counter clutter-free by tossing any old items or things you don’t use. Opt for chic yet functional baskets and other containers to hold styling tools like your curling and flat irons, brushes and combs. If you have the same makeup routine each weekday, keep those makeup items in their own case so it’s quick and easy to access exactly what you need without having to sift through items only used for night or special occasions.

How to Make Your Morning Routine Easier & Quicker

Create a Checklist

While digital list apps on the smart phone are great for remembering grocery items or times for the kids’ practice schedules, a handy chalkboard or white board for a morning checklist can be a helpful organizational tool. For most households, certain things must be done every morning, especially on weekdays. Place a chalkboard or white board in a convenient space where you (and the kids) can check it each morning before leaving. Your checklist may include a combination of things that need to be done and things not to forget such as:

  • Feed the pets
  • Brush teeth
  • Put milk away (if it’s often left on the counter)
  • Make beds
  • Grab lunch boxes from fridge
  • Turn of TV/lights
  • Backpacks, sports gear, library books and permission slips

How to Make Your Morning Routine Easier & Quicker

Keep Key and Bag in Same Location

Having the kids backpacks ready and near the door really helps save time and hassle in the morning and the same is true for mom, but with the car keys and your bag. Have a designated place for your keys and your purse/bag. This eliminates one of the biggest morning time wasters of rushing from room to room to locate these must-have items. If you change out bags daily to coordinate with outfits, then do the switch the night before and have it ready to go when you’re ready to step out the door.

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