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How to Make Blue Eyes Pop

If you want to accentuate your blue eyes with different hairstyles or learn how to use makeup to bring attention to your azure beauties, this is a great article for you!  If you feel like your current hair color washes your eyes out, here are some ideas that you can try.  Whether slate blue or baby blue, these tips will show you how to make your blue eyes stand out front and center.

Hair Tips

If you have blue eyes and light colored hair you might feel like your eyes, indeed your face all together, gets washed out – like they are all one color.  It’s not, of course, but fair skin, light hair, and light eyes can give that impression. Spice things up a bit by adding color to your hair. Remember, the most natural looking change is within 5 shades of your original hair color, but if you are going for a drastic metamorphosis, there are no rules. Read on to find the best hair color for blue eyes:

  • Brunette hair and light eyes is alluring. A nice, rich brown will bring out those beauties without even needing to add makeup.
  • Red hair and blue eyes is striking. The eyes almost seem to glow under the red crown. It’s a dramatic look and definitely eye catching.
  • Ombre hair colors work well also. The gradient between light and dark brings out not only your eyes, but also your skin tone. This hairstyle makes people look exotic and stylish.

Makeup Tips

In a word:  warm. Warm colors – the browns, the burnt oranges, and the rustic reds – make blue eyes stand out. Imagine these colors on a canvas – if the darker colors are used as a border, the lighter colors inside make more of an aesthetic impact. The same applies to the makeup you use on your eyes. Here are some things to try when accentuating blue eyes with makeup:

  • Warm colored eye shadow like rust or copper will make your blue eyes stand out.
  • Try orange eye shadow. It is the direct opposite of blue on the color wheel and, therefore, creates a fantastic contrast.
  • Use eyeliner – don’t crazy with it, but add it to the top lid. This will help with the contrast you are trying to create. You can also use a beige highlighter on the bottom lid to make your eyes appear bigger.

These tips and tricks will help you achieve the look you want and make your blue eyes the center of attraction. Try them to see how well they make your eyes stand out. You’ll be in good company – many of these tricks are being used on the red carpet! Now is the perfect time to experiment and create your favorite look to make your blue eyes standout during Ion’s Buy 1 Get 1 50% all hair care and hair color products for the month of September! 

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