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How to Learn What Shades DON’T Work

What’s the difference between choosing a hair color for yourself at home and a salon colorist working with you to pick the right hue? Knowledge. So how do you figure out what hair color works best for you?

Trial and error can seem too risky – even with helpful color removal formulas such as the Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector, you may have to live with a wrong color for a little while before you can try again. Ion at Home changes all of that. Our Ion Color Coder asks important questions about your natural hair color and skin tone that will help you make the right choice. The great thing about it is that you find out your answer right away and bam – you’re ready to try something new.

Here are a couple of other things you should do when you consider the right hair color for yourself:

Learn What Colors You Like

Whether you fancy red, blonde, brown, or even blue, it is important that you learn about the hair color, get an idea of how it will take to your natural hair color through a strand test (every hair color changes a bit when applied to hair), and consider all of the shades. If you are looking for a natural look, maybe bright red is not the choice for you, but a dark auburn might be. Understanding the type of contrast you want is an important step in your color-choosing journey.

A Trendy Style or Natural Tresses?

Are you interested in making a statement with your hair or are you more focused on enhancing your natural hair color? If you want to make a bold statement, trying a style like ombre or a bold, bright full-coverage color is eye-catching. If you are more interested in enhancing your look subtly, more natural full-coverage color and babylights are good choices. Know what you want from your color before you make your selection.

Will You Still Love It Tomorrow?

This question is especially important to ask when you’re using demi-permanent or permanent hair color. Semi-permanent hair color will still last about 8 shampoos.

While you can never be sure how you’ll feel, think about how you’ll feel about your hair color at home, at work, out with friends or on a date with your husband. If you feel confident in all aspects of your life, you’ll most likely be pleased with that color for awhile. Much like selecting clothes and choosing your makeup look, coloring your hair is a statement. You want to make sure that your decision works in all corners of your life.
There is a method to figuring out what color works best for you. Have fun trying things out, and as always, stay on top of our blog for hair coloring tips!

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