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How to Keep Hair From Tangling

Whether you have short, long, or medium-length hair, there’s a good chance you’ve endured the pain and struggle that is trying to detangle a knot from your hair. Ouch! If this seems to be an ongoing problem with your hair, however, then it may be time to re-evaluate your hair-care routine. Knowing how to keep hair from tangling can help you prevent your hair from becoming tangled in the first place! 

How to Keep Hair From Tangling

Brush or Comb Your Hair Regularly

If you style your hair in the morning before you leave the house and then don’t touch it with a brush again until you get home, then it’s no wonder your hair is getting so tangled! By taking the time to brush or comb through your hair gently a few times throughout the day, you can avoid the dreadful task of having to detangle your hair when you get home. Invest in a small wide-tooth comb or even a brush that’ll fit in your purse. Then, every few hours throughout the day, go ahead and brush out your hair. Not only will your hair look nice and shiny when you do this, but you’ll also avoid tangles! This is especially important if you tend to spend time outside during the day, where the wind can really wreak havoc on your hair.


How to Keep Hair From Tangling

Take Preventative Measures Before Bed

If you tend to wake up with a mass of tangled hair, there are some things you can to do before bed to keep your hair from tangling. For starters, consider putting your hair into a low ponytail or bun. This will reduce the movement of your hair while you sleep (especially if you tend to toss and turn). Furthermore, if you’re currently sleeping on a cotton or polyester pillowcase, consider making the switch to silk. Not only does it feel super luxurious on your skin, but it’s also great for your hair and will reduce tangling.

How to Keep Hair From Tangling

Protect Your Hair When Heat-Styling

Damaged hair tends to tangle more easily, so it’s important to keep your hair as healthy as possible if you want to avoid tangling. If you tend to use a lot of heat on your hair (blow dryers, straightening irons, curling irons, etc.) then you’ll want to make sure you’re also using the right products before styling. Consider starting with a detangling mist and combing through your hair with it before styling. Then, before applying any heat, use a heat-protecting spray on your hair. This will help to prevent split ends and breakage, which can otherwise lead to tangling.

How to Keep Hair From Tangling

Have it Trimmed Regularly

Finally, keep your hair healthier and less prone to tangling by having it trimmed regularly. Depending on how quickly your hair tends to grow out, you’ll want to have it trimmed anywhere from every six to eight weeks. By getting your hair trimmed, you can remove any split ends, breakage, or other damage. This leaves you with healthier, silkier hair that’s less prone to tangling and knotting. Plus, your hair will simply look better when you have it trimmed as needed.

Dealing with tangled and knotted hair is never fun. However, by simply taking a few steps towards achieving healthier hair, you can prevent tangles and the pain that comes along with trying to get rid of them. Be sure to give some or all of these tips a try for yourself! 

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