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How to Keep Gray Hair Healthy & Shiny

As hair grays, it also tends to change in texture and manageability. Gray hair tends to be thin and coarse, and it is a bit more difficult to style and maintain than other hair types. Don’t be discouraged! We’ve got a few simple steps for gray hair care you can use to keep your gray hair healthy, shiny, and looking its best at all times.

Caring for Natural Gray Hair

It’s easy to become frustrated by the often unmanageable texture of gray hair. You want it to silky, healthy and easy to style.

For starters, be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo when you wash, as gray hair tends to become dry and prone to breakage very easily. A quality shampoo ensures that your hair gets the moisture and nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. Another culprit of dry, dull hair (gray or any other shade) is hard water, which allows for a buildup of minerals like calcium and magnesium. A conditioner created to prevent this buildup will aid in keeping your hair shiny; try Ion’s Hard Water Conditioner.

Furthermore, try to take it easy with styling products, as buildup can occur quickly in gray hair and too much product will end up weighing your hair down. Instead, consider a light texture spray that won’t overwhelm your locks. Finally, at least once a week, use a deep conditioning treatment on your gray hair to strengthen it and prevent dullness.

What About Colored Gray Hair?

Natural gray hair and colored gray hair may appear the same, but they need to be maintained and cared for a little differently for the best results. The same goes for if you have gray hair that you plan on coloring with a different hue.

Protect colored gray hair by reducing its exposure to the harmful rays of the sun, which can rob your hair of the moisture it needs to stay strong. Too much sun can also cause the color in your hair to fade, regardless of what color it may be. Wearing hats or stylish scarves on sunny days will help protect your hair from too much sun exposure. Finally, you can keep your hair color from fading by washing it only when absolutely necessary (once a day is too much for most colored hair).

Once your gray hair is colored, it is wise to use a shampoo and conditioner created to keep colored-treated hair strong and shiny, such as Ion’s Color Defense Sulfate Free Shampoo and Color Defense Intense Moisture Conditioner, which provides daily deep conditioning.

There’s no reason as to why gray hair can’t be absolutely beautiful, as is evidenced by current hair trends. However, in order to keep your gray hair looking its absolute best, you will need to put a little more effort into it by taking the time to moisturize regularly, add shine, and protect it from the damaging elements of the sun, as well.

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