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How to Increase Hair Volume with ion™ At Home

Even when wearing your hair silky smooth and straight, volume helps take the look to the next level. Volume is achievable for all hair types when using the right products and styling techniques. Yes, even if your hair is baby-fine, you too can learn how to increase hair volume.

Let us take you through several ways for how to increase hair volume using specific products as well as styling tips for all types of hair.

How to Increase Hair Volume with ion™ At Home

Don’t Overwash

Over-washing your hair can strip it of its natural oils, dulling its shine and leaving it limp. If you want to increase or maintain your volume for a lush look, find your shampoo sweet-spot. It’s an individual thing, your hair is not the same as your best friend’s hair. You may need to wash your hair every other day, while her shampoo sweet-spot is twice a week.

How to Increase Hair Volume with ion™ At Home

Remove Build-Up with Clarifying Shampoo

A clarifying shampoo removes product build-up as well as the excess dirt and oil that can weigh hair down. Use it as needed, but don’t forget to rotate in a volumizing shampoo. The ion™ Volumizing Shampoo will help leave your hair full, manageable, and free of build-up.

How to Increase Hair Volume with ion™ At Home

Apply Volumizing Mousse

While your hair is still wet, apply the ion™ Volumizing Shine Mousse. Add about a quarter-size amount of the product to your palm and then apply it with your fingers, starting at the roots and working to the tips. Then blow dry to style. This product is designed to not only enhance your hair’s natural shine, but it also controls frizz while adding the volume you crave. It can be used on any hair type, making it a must-have for your styling collection.

How to Increase Hair Volume with ion™ At Home

Blow-Dry with Diffuser, Upside Down

Root lift helps increase volume. When drying your hair, use a diffuser attachment. Flip your hair upside down and aim the heat at the roots to help encourage root lift. Use this technique along with a volumizing mousse or spray root lift.
Pro Tip: A round brush works best when drying/styling hair for ultimate volume.

How to Increase Hair Volume with ion™ At Home

Tease and Top with Finishing Spray

A light tease can add volume to hair instantly. The key to teasing in volume is to never pull or yank on the hair as this will cause unsightly breakage/split ends. Use an anti-frizz teasing comb. Start at the crown of your head, and work in two- or three-inch sections. Backcomb down to the roots. Lightly fluff with your fingertips to soften the look. The new ion™ Volumizing Teasing and Finishing Spray is perfect for this. It adds volume and texture, while helping to control and maintain your style. It’s super lightweight and designed to provide medium hold even in high humidity.

How to Increase Hair Volume with ion™ At Home

Use a Reboost Spray in Between Wash Days

When your second-day hair is looking a bit limp and lifeless, try the ion™ Volumizing Reboost Spray. It’s designed to add intense volume to any hair type and will absorb excess oils to help refresh your scalp and “reboost” your look. This spray offers a lightweight texture that makes it easy for styling. You’ll love that full-volume look even when you don’t have time for your full hair routine.

How to Increase Hair Volume with ion™ At Home

Switch Your Part

Another quick and easy idea for increasing volume is to switch your part. If you don’t think you can walk out in public with your hair parted on the “wrong” side, then just do this overnight.

Be sure to check out ion™ At Home’s three new Volume Solutions products: the ion™ Volumizing Shine Mousse, the ion™ Volumizing Teasing and Finishing Spray, and the ion™ Volumizing Reboost Spray.

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