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How to Grow Out Gray Hair Color

If you’ve rocked the gray trend, and if you’re growing out of it, fear not. Gray hair, like other colors, is entirely workable in the long run. While it takes time to grow out of, gray hair is relatively easy to manage and transition. Check out the following guide below to find out how to grow out gray hair, and take advantage of the great products currently available to speed up the process.

How to Grow Out Gray Hair Color

Step One: Begin with Permanent and Demi-Mixed Color

Growing out a gray color takes time, and it’s best to begin with both permanent and demi-mixed color. Here, you’ll want to use a one-to-one ratio. By transitioning slowly, you can reduce color damage while keeping your roots in line.

First, pick up the perfect permanent hair color. Then, select a matching demi-permanent color. It’s important to adjust slowly. Keep in mind that bleaching darker hair is important. Bleaching is, however, quite harsh on the hair, so be sure to have a professional bleach done. For a less harsh lightening process at home you may want to try a powder lightener mixed with developer, a test strand can be done to preview the lightening process.

How to Grow Out Gray Hair Color

Step Two: Grow it Out

Gray hair, both natural and colored, strikes it’s best color when grown out. Don’t damage your hair, and don’t shorten it. If your hair has a mahogany tint, you’ll need to have it corrected. Unfortunately, mahogany and similar shades pose problems for long-term gray color. Your colorist can cleanse the dark from your strands, using a mix of peroxide, bleach and shampoo.

How to Grow Out Gray Hair Color

Step Three: Re-Color

It’s important to re-color any dark areas with lighter shades as you’re growing out the gray. You can’t put a lighter color atop a dark color, and you can’t remove dark colors by simply reapplying gray. Even if you’re growing gray hairs naturally, you’ll need to engage color corrections at some point.

Fortunately, a good colorist can assist your gray hair growth without damaging your hair’s health. If you’re sporting a shorter cut, engage lighter shades to shift into a less-noticeable natural style. While naturally grown gray hairs will mesh with your color, they’ll still be a little mismatched.

How to Grow Out Gray Hair Color

Step Four: Rework with Semi-Permanent Colors

As you grow out your gray style, you might want to consider reworking your color with semi-permanent hair color. Depending upon your hair’s natural color, semi-permanent products will do wonders to expanding strands fighting against your newly applied gray color.

How to Grow Out Gray Hair Color

Step Five: Trim Often

While the ultimate goal is to grow your gray style, you’ll still need to trim. The time needed to grow your natural hair will take less time if it’s shorter. Getting a pixie cut in the beginning will ensure a cohesive “grow-out” for an awesome gray hair style.

Growing out your hair takes time, but a little attention to detail and creativity goes a long way. Experiment with highlights, and experiment with low lights. Even gray hair is susceptible to the creative touch. Additionally, be sure to use the demi-permanent color. It’ll blend your hair, preparing it for a smoother transition. Eventually, the perfect color will shine through, giving your style amazing detail.

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