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How to Get Perfect Beach Waves

Slightly messy beach waves are a great look for any season, but especially summer. If you’ve always wanted to try this look at home, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a few easy tips for how to make a new hairstyle at home that is simple, sexy and easy to recreate.

Beach Waves Basics

Perfect beach waves have a carefree, tousled look that’s flirty, sexy and ideal for date night or a fun day out with the girls. You can rock this look if your hair is natural or color-treated — it’s a beautiful style, for any hair color! Whether your hair is half-way down your back or in a chin-length bob, you can have perfect beach waves with a few simple steps and the right styling tools and products.

Styling Tools for Creating Beach Waves

Beach waves are easily created with the right styling tool. A curling iron can be used to create the loose spirals that relax into beach waves, but why not try an auto-rotating curling iron? The Ion Titanium Auto-Rotating Curling Iron easily forms wavy curls with a single touch of a button, featuring an automatic rotating system with an extra-long barrel ideal for quickly achieving beach waves.

For quick and easy beach waves with zero hassle, rely on the high-tech Ion Titanium Pro Triple Barrel Waver. Its unique design effortlessly forms silky smooth, long-lasting beach waves that you’ll love. With an ultra-smooth surface, never worry about painful snags and the waver’s infrared heat helps hair retain its natural moisture to reduce damage. The waver is so easy to use, you can have perfect beach waves every day of the week.

Combining Styling Tools and Products for DIY Beach Waves

The best way to get beach waves is to begin with slightly damp hair. If you heat style your hair often, use a heat protection spray to minimize damage and keep your hair looking healthy. For occasional heat styling, try a gel styling mist for light, flexible waves that you can scrunch and shape easily. The Ion Gel Styling Mist works great for beach waves — it has a silky soft finish that never feels sticky or stiff.

Now You’re Ready to Create Those Waves

Before creating waves, separate your hair into sections. It’s easiest to create two primary sections: top and bottom. Secure the top section by pulling it up. Spray the bottom section with your heat-styling spray and work the product through the hair with your fingers.

Start near your face and work in 2-inch sections. Wrap the hair around the waver or curling iron, holding the styling wand vertically to create the curl. Take the next section of hair and this time hold the wand horizontally to create the curl. Continue until your bottom layer of hair is curled.

Release the top section and repeat. Finish your look with Ion Shaping Plus, a finishing spray that will leave your beautiful beach waves touchable and soft, even in high humidity.

Never be afraid to try a new hairstyle. Changing up your look is a great way to lift your mood and brighten your day. Need more great ideas for new looks? Check out Fab Hairstyle Trends to Try in 20 Mins or Less and follow the Ion blog for more tips on DIY beauty and hair!

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