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How to Get Chlorine Out of Hair

Swimming can make for an effective, yet low-impact workout for your entire body. Unfortunately, the chlorine you expose yourself to while swimming in your typical pool can also wreak all kinds of havoc on your hair. Specifically, chlorine can cause your hair to dry out and become brittle. If you have colored treated hair, it can even strip and fade your color prematurely. If you’ve got blonde hair, you could even run the risk of the chlorine turning it green! But don’t worry, we know how to get chlorine out of hair. 

Still, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on swimming. In fact, there are plenty of ways to go about removing chlorine from your hair.

How to Get Chlorine Out of Hair


The Baking Soda Method

One of the most effective and natural ways to go about removing chlorine from your hair is with baking soda. Please keep in mind, however, that baking soda will remove other chemicals from your hair in addition to chlorine, so it’s not the best option for color-treated hair!

To create this chlorine-removing solution, simply combine one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of water. Then, wash your hair with the solution as you normally would with shampoo. As you rinse, the chlorine will wash right out with it!

How to Get Chlorine Out of Hair

The Apple Cider Vinegar Method

Another natural method you may want to try for removing damaging chlorine from your hair is that of creating an apple cider vinegar wash. For this method, you can either apply the apple cider vinegar (which you can find at your local grocery store) directly to your hair or  add some to your existing shampoo. You’ll likely notice that the smell of apple cider vinegar isn’t the most pleasant, so many prefer to add it to their regular shampoo. However, applying it directly to your hair is recommended if you have a lot of chlorine build-up, as it will be more effective.

Again, if you have colored hair, keep in mind that apple cider vinegar is strong enough that it may remove your color, so this method is recommended for people without colored hair.

How to Get Chlorine Out of Hair

Chlorine-Removal Hair Products

If you have color-treated hair, you may understandably be wondering how to get chlorine out of hair without stripping the color in the process. Fortunately, it’s easier than you might think. You simply need to buy the right product rather than using a homemade remedy. Specifically, look for a quality swimmer’s shampoo, which will safely and gently remove chlorine from hair without stripping color in the process.

How to Get Chlorine Out of Hair

Tips for Preventing Chlorine Buildup

In addition to figuring out which chlorine removal method is best for you, you may also want to start taking some steps to reduce chlorine build-up in the first place. This is especially true if you swim on a regular basis. One great way to prevent chlorine from damaging your hair is to start wearing a swim cap while in the water. This will not only protect your hair but will also keep it nice and dry, which reduces time needed to shampoo, dry, and style your hair once you get out of the water.

It’s no secret that chlorine can be very damaging to your hair, but the good news is that you can remove it using the right techniques and ingredients. Just remember that if you have color-treated hair, your best bet is going to be using a color-safe swimmer’s shampoo.

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