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How to Fake a Blowout

If you’re like many women, then you love the confidence you feel when you get a professional blowout from your favorite salon. However, not all of us can afford (or even have the time!) to schedule blowout appointments on a regular basis. Of course, this shouldn’t mean that you can’t achieve that same amazing look! With a little bit of technique and the right tools, you can easily fake a blowout from the convenience of your own home—regardless of your hair type.

How to Fake a Blowout

Start With Dry Hair

The key is to start with dry hair that’s in between shampoos. This way, you’ll have some natural oils already built-up in your hair to help give added volume and lift while also providing a natural layer of protection to your hair. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, you may want to begin by straightening it quickly to smooth it out. This will make it easier to work with and will ensure sleek, salon-like results.

How to Fake a Blowout

Use a Volumizing Product

One of the best parts about getting a blowout at the salon is the amazing volume your stylist is able to achieve using those fancy brushes and products. You can get that same volume at home with the right volumizing spray. Just spritz a small amount of this into your hair (especially near the roots) and comb through before you get started with styling.

If you have thicker hair, now is also a good time to section it off so that you begin working with the bottom section and work your way up to the top.

How to Fake a Blowout

Pro Tips for Salon Style

The best way to achieve a salon blowout look is using a large-barrel curling iron, especially if you have longer hair. A 1.5 to 2-inch barrel will work wonders here. Starting with the bottom layer of your hair, grab a small section and run the curling iron from the roots down to the ends. As you get closer to the ends, flip your wrist to curl your hair under. Then, go over the same section again—this time flicking your wrist at the ends to curl the hair out. These two opposing motions will bring out volume and bounce in your hair that you didn’t know existed.

Keep working in sections until you get to the top layer of your hair, then continue these same steps. For added volume at the roots, use the large-barrel iron to curl the section of hair that falls at your natural part.

How to Fake a Blowout

Use a Quality Finishing Spray

Using the right finishing spray will also make all the difference in achieving that salon-fresh look and getting it to hold throughout the day. We recommend a flexible keratin spray that will provide the hold you need without sacrificing bounce or leaving your hair too stiff.

How to Fake a Blowout

For Shorter or Finer Hair

This same fake blowout technique is just as effective on shorter and finer hair, with a couple tweaks. For shorter hair, you may want to stick with a smaller curling iron barrel, such as a one-inch barrel. For finer hair, you may also want to use a thickening styler to keep your fake blowout looking bouncy and voluminous all day long.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to the appearance of salon-fresh hair at, and a fraction of the price.

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