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How to Do Low Lights at Home

Pretty much everyone knows what highlights are for hair, but low lights are a little more mysterious, and it’s time to unravel the mystery. Low lights are darker strips you add to your hair that create depth and color variation for your locks. This technique is also the perfect bet if you’re seeking an understated change to your style.

You can even use low lights at the same time you add highlights if you want extra dimension, although low lights add plenty of oomph on their own. Or try low lights every few times you use highlights to keep your hair from getting too light, or use them to balance out an ombre look you’re ready for a change.  

Keep reading to learn how to do low lights at home to liven up your hair from your own home.

How to Do Low Lights at Home

Preparing for Your At-Home Low Lights

Now that you’ve decided you’re ready to try low lights, think about whether you would prefer thin strips that are more subtle or thicker ones that stand out more. Decide whether you would like your strips few and far between, or more strips that sit closer together. And plan where the strips should go to best add definition for the style you’re going for. For instance, you might want more around your face, especially if you’re a blond, or you might want to fill in parts of highlighted or ombre areas.

Also, choose your hair color — it’s best to pick a shade that is two shades or more darker than the hair color you already have. If you’re up for it, you could also use two shades of low lights to create better color variation in your whole look. Also, please remember, that depending on your hair color, a tint back may also be needed in your lowlights to avoid discoloration. Demi 9G right out of the tube on the piece of hair first and then follow up with the desired shade of low light. And as always, perform a strand test before applying to your hair.

How to Do Low Lights at Home

How to Do Low Lights at Home

Once you’re ready to apply your low lights in your home, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the directions for preparing your coloring product.
  2. Take the tip of a rattail comb to separate a section of hair you plan to color.
  3. Place a piece of foil under the hair section, and apply the coloring to the section with an applicator. Fold the foil to contain the hair. The foil keeps the coloring from reaching parts of your hair you don’t want to color.
  4. Continue this process across your whole head.
  5. Apply a second color to separate sections, if you plan to do so, after you have applied the first color around your head.
  6. Leave the coloring on according to the package’s time recommendations.
  7. Remove the pieces of foil.
  8. Rinse your hair with cool water.

Now you have a defined and dimensional new do! And now it’s time for you to create this subtle, yet beauty-enhancing look any time you want to.

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