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How to Cut Your Bangs at Home

These days, both fringe bangs and side bangs are becoming increasingly popular among women of all ages. For many, a new bang style is a great way to revamp your look without doing anything too drastic in the process. With some basic supplies and a little bit of careful strategy you can cut your bangs at home.

How to Cut Your Bangs at Home

An Important Note

Cutting your own bangs is certainly a  lot easier than giving yourself a complete hair cut, but it’s still important that you’re 100% confident in what you’re doing. When you cut your bangs short, it’s not easy to fix them if you make a mistake. Therefore, if the idea of cutting your own bangs leaves you feeling nervous or unsure after you read the following tips, then it’s recommended that you head to your local trusted salon instead.

How to Cut Your Bangs at Home

Trimming Your Bangs

Trimming your bangs is extremely easy if you have already had your bangs cut recently. If your bangs have gotten a little too long and are starting to get into your eyes, start by taking a fine-tooth comb and using it to separate your bangs from the rest of your hair. Ideally, you’ll want to comb your bangs forward into a small triangle along your forehead. Then, use your fingers to hold the ends of the bangs across the point you need to cut them and point-cut at a slight angle using a pair of scissors.

How to Cut Your Bangs at Home

Cutting Fringe Bangs

Of course, if you currently have longer bangs, then you’ll need to exercise a little more caution and take some extra steps to achieve the straight-across fringe bangs you want. Specifically, you’ll need to start by sectioning your bangs carefully away from the rest of your hair. You can do this by using your fine-tooth comb to section hair an inch or two above the hairline (depending on how thick you want your bangs). It can also be helpful to dampen your hair before you make the cut; just remember that your hair is longer when it’s wet, so you’ll want to leave your bangs a little longer than you’d want to them lay when dry.


How to Cut Your Bangs at Home

Cutting Blunt Bangs

For blunt bangs, you typically make the cut slightly below the highest point of the eyebrows. When it’s time to make the cut, you can decide between a straight cut or one that’s slightly choppy (which will require you to point-cut at an angle). Either way, cut in half-inch increments as you hold your hair in between your index finger and middle finger.

Once your bangs are at the length you want them, comb them out and then see how they look. They most likely won’t be perfect after the first cut, but you can touch them up and trim any stray ends as necessary until you have the look you desire. Keep in mind that if you’ve been wearing side bangs in recent years, it may take some time to “train” your bangs to fall across the forehead. Using bobby pins to hold the bangs down when you go to bed at night can help train your hair.

Cutting your own bangs isn’t a difficult task, and knowing this skill can save you from the hassle and cost of having to go to your local salon as well.

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