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How to Cut Split Ends

Everyone hates split ends. Unfortunately, split ends happen and if you’re trying to grow your hair out or simply striving for the healthiest set of tresses possible, then split ends must be trimmed. Trimming your split ends regularly is essential for hair health and to keep it looking fabulous even on the days you don’t have time for styling. Let us show you how to cut split ends at home for the healthiest version of your hair! 

How to Cut Split Ends

How to Cut Split Ends

Before you begin to cut your split ends, do you have a good pair of shears? Dull shears will do more damage to your hair than leaving the split ends untouched. Invest in a pair of “for hair only” shears — they don’t have to be pricey, just sharp and used only on your hair. Your local beauty supply shop will have a variety to fit your budget.

There are different methods for how to cut split ends. The first we’re sharing is simple, straightforward and has only a few steps. It’s ideal for hair that’s any length and if you have layers. The second method typically works better with longer, non-layered hair.


Method 1: Straight Cut

  • Start with dry hair, grabbing a section that’s no more than two-inches.
  • Hold the hair about an inch from the ends.
  • Make the cut about 1/4-inch above the split ends and cut perpendicular to the hair strand. You don’t want to cut straight across.
  • Continue around your head until all the split ends are removed.


Method 2: Twist and Cut

  • Start with dry hair and create a section that’s two-inches or less.
  • Twist that section of hair several times so the ends pop up and you can easily locate all the split ends.
  • Trim the split ends, cutting perpendicular to the hair strand and taking off approximately 1/4-inch of hair or a bit longer if needed.
  • Move to the next section and repeat the process until you’ve trimmed the whole head.


Tip: Trim your hair against a contrasting color background so it’s easier to see the split ends — dark hair against a white or light background; blond against a dark background.


How to Cut Split Ends

How Often to Cut Split Ends

On average, it’s a good idea to trim split ends every five to six weeks if you’re attempting to grow your hair. If you’re working to regain hair health but not necessarily looking to encourage growth, trimming your split ends about every eight weeks should work.

How to Cut Split Ends

Hair Care When You Have Split Ends

Split ends can be caused by everyday combing, heat styling, coloring, environmental conditions, and using products that dry out your hair. To keep split ends from developing, it’s important to treat your hair right. Between trims it’s essential to condition your hair, including a deep conditioning once a week if your hair is excessively dry. Try Ion’s Effective Care Treatment for daily strengthening and moisturizing of dry hair and Ion Repair Solutions BB Cream, a leave-in conditioning treatment to restore and repair hair.

Did you know you can help protect the ends of your hair when you opt for easy-to-do styles like buns and up-dos? Keep those ends moisturized with a leave-in conditioner and then sweep up into a pony and twist into a simple bun. It’s the perfect hairstyle for day or night and is easy to create, even when you’re at your busiest.

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