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How to Color Your Hair Like a Pro

Nothing looks or feels better than fresh-from-the-salon hair. However, that same experience can also be a drain on your wallet.

Luckily, you can have professionally colored hair that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, thanks to Ion Color Brilliance’s professional hair colors that can dramatically lower how much money you’ll spend overall.

How to Color Your Hair Like a Pro

Choosing the Right Products

Of course, just because you’re trying to save money doesn’t mean that you should settle for low-quality products. In order for your hair to look as good as possible, you need to choose salon-quality hair color. Otherwise, you won’t know exactly how long that the color will last. When shopping around for formulas, invest in brands that have a good reputation, like Ion Color Brilliance.

How to Color Your Hair Like a Pro

Using the Right Tools for the Job

You also need salon-quality tools in order for your colored hair to look its best. You probably already have the majority of these tools at home, such as disposable gloves and a towel you don’t mind staining.

How to Color Your Hair Like a Pro

Mixing Your Hair Color

Whether you buy a liquid or cream color, you need to mix it with a developer before applying it to your hair your hair. Combine 1 tube or bottle of hair color with 2 oz. of developer. You can put your liquid hair color in a bottle to “shampoo” or lather it in, or you can put cream color in a bowl and use a brush to apply it throughout your locks. Either way, mix the developer and the color completely prior to application.

How to Color Your Hair Like a Pro

Applying and Waiting

Once you’re done applying, your processing time starts. The amount of processing time depends on if your hair is already colored, what color your hair is, and the texture of your hair. The hair color insert will suggest a ballpark processing time. Those with finer hair may want to wait less time, and those with coarser hair more. Make sure to set a timer on your phone or use a stopwatch so that you get your timing just right. After enough time has passed, rinse out your hair.

As always, feel free to call us at 1-800-859-3112 to get additional advice from an Ion color expert. Or check out our FAQ page for more hair coloring tips and tricks. 

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