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How to Choose the Right Hair Color for You

The right hair color can make or break your look. It’s never as easy as pointing to a color in a picture and saying, “I want that.” What looks great on one person, may not be as attractive on someone else. Your color options are enormous, but how to choose the right hair color really depends on multiple factors.





Types of Color

Before choosing to color your locks medium copper blonde or burgundy brown, you need to decide what type of color will work best for your hair. There are three types of hair color: semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent.

How to Choose the Right Hair Color for You


Ideal for highlights or even blending grays, a semi-permanent hair color typically lasts for about four to eight shampoos and is a great way to try out color if you’re unsure about how dark or how light to go.

How to Choose the Right Hair Color for You


Lasts longer than a semi-permanent color and can offer 100-percent gray coverage. Both semi- and demi-permanent hair color can be used to boost color directly after using a chemical relaxer or texturizer.

How to Choose the Right Hair Color for You


Like the name suggests, permanent hair color doesn’t wash out. Permanent hair color must grow out, be cut or colored to change or refresh the hue.


Your Hair Type and Color

Certain hair types respond better to specific types of color. Semi-permanent hair color is ideal for a quick refresh in between colorings, like when an important event pops up and there are still two more weeks left before it’s time for your next coloring. Semi-permanent is ideal for enhancing and balancing color but may not offer the same level of gray coverage as demi-permanent or permanent.

Demi-permanent is a natural-looking color that’s low-maintenance and offers rich, luxurious hues. Use it when you want a versatile coloring solution to cover grays at 100-percent when selecting a shade that’s the same level as your pigmented color.

Permanent hair color is ideal for resistant grays and to take darkly pigmented hair several shades lighter. With permanent hair color it’s easy to lighten dark brown hair all the way to stunning movie-star platinum blonde.

How to Choose a Hair Color

It’s important to remember your natural hair color and its texture directly influence coloring results. If you’re concerned about going too light, then opt for a demi-permanent shade versus permanent hair color.

Fine hair tends to be more receptive to hair color so be prepared if you choose a bright color, it typically will turn out brilliant and more vivid than on hair with a coarser texture.

Hair that has been chemically treated frequently it may be missing a cuticle layer. This type of hair will lighten easier than hair that has never been color-treated.

Always choose a hair color that complements your skin tone. Skin tones are either warm or cool. In general, if you opt for a color that’s in the same range as your natural hair, it will effortlessly match and complement your skin tone. If your skin tones are naturally cool, it’s likely a cool tone hair color will look great.

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Bold, Bright Colors





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