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How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color Formula

Tired of your current hair color? Whether it’s the same one you’ve had all your life and you want to switch things up, or your hair is already colored but you’re just not feeling it, you don’t have to settle for boring anymore. The right color change starts with the right hair color formula, so follow these tips for finding the hair color that gives you the results you covet (and suits your lifestyle).

How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color Formula

If Going Darker

If you plan on going darker, demi-permanent hair color makes it super easy. It adds rich color and intense shine without ammonia. Demi-permanent hair color lasts as long as permanent color. If you absolutely love the results, you can use demi-permanent color often for color refreshing.

How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color Formula

If Going Lighter

Here are a few things to keep in mind before going lighter. (And always remember to do a strand test first!) If your natural hair color is light brown or lighter, use permanent hair color. For a more dramatic blonde, use a high-lift (“HL”) shade. If your natural hair color is medium brown or darker, you will need to pre-lighten with a lightener. Highlighting is always another option. The Ion Color Brilliance Lighteners create natural-looking highlights on selected strands. The look can be subtle to dramatic. If you wish to go more than three levels lighter than your natural color, call 1-800-859-3112 to speak with an Ion color expert. We’ll help you get it right! (Same goes for if you have already colored your hair and want to go lighter or go back to your natural hair color.)

How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color Formula

If Covering Grays

Demi-permanent color is your best bet for camouflaging those silver streaks. It can blend gray up to 60 perfect or cover gray up to 100 percent, depending on mixing. It also keeps obvious roots at bay. Permanent hair color will give you complete gray coverage, but your new growth will be more obvious.


How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color Formula

If Enhancing Overall Color

Want to kick up your current shade? Consider enhancing your overall color. You can do this whether your hair is its natural color or it’s currently colored. If you’re combating grays, this is another way to cover them up. It’s best to choose a demi-permanent hair color, as it is perfect for enhancing.

If you’re still not sure how to choose the perfect hair color formula, try our Ion Color Coder to see what we offer that would work best for you and your style.

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