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How to Choose Hair Spray

If you want to spruce up your look, you’ll need hairspray. Hair spray keeps your style on lock, and it reduces frizz while enhancing shine. Promote your hair’s volume, protect it from the sun and keep it going strong, but don’t choose the wrong product.

When picking your product, it’s important to keep your hair’s type in mind. Curly-haired gals and straight-haired gals shouldn’t use the same sprays. Surprisingly, different hairspray types work with different hair types, consistencies and styles. Below, we’re breaking down how to choose hair spray and discuss the best products for your style—hand’s down.

How to Choose Hair Spray

The Strong-Hold Spray for Thick Hair

Strong-hold hairspray, while incredibly popular, shouldn’t be used by everyone. It assists with management, plumps up fine hair and resists humidity. If you’ve got a frizz problem, strong-hold hairspray is your best friend. Strong hold hairspray similarly keeps body-filled styles in place while maintaining strength in strands. For the weekend warrior or long-day worker, strong-hold hairspray is a must-have. Ion Hard-To-Hold Hair Spray is a solid product, and it’s perfect for frizz-heads needing to tame their look.

How to Choose Hair Spray

The Medium-Hold Spray for Frizzy Straight Hair

Okay, so you don’t need to have medium-hold spray for medium-textured hair, but it’ll hold far better than light-hold spray. If you need a quick spruce-up, and if you want to inject your look with a little control, you should target a medium-hold product.

Why? Because medium-hold hairspray maintains shape and style without reducing shine. Spritz some medium-hold hairspray into your root area, and enhance your hair’s volume by letting it dry. If you’re looking to tone-down your hair’s size, use a thin-toothed comb product to go through troublesome areas. So Gorgeous Volumizing Shaping Spray, here, is a good bet.

How to Choose Hair Spray

The Light-Hold Spray for Braids and Straight Styles

Sometimes, it’s best to go light. If your hair is silky, thin or really straight, you won’t need a heavy-hold spray to get the job done. Instead, you’ll need a light-hold spray to keep things aligned for a few hours. Light-hold spray also works well with curly hair. It combats frizz, and it keeps curls intact without weighing down the locks.

Really, your style should always incorporate some light hairspray if you’re out and about often. Light-hold hairspray leaves a non-stiff finish, so it’ll protect your look from the wind. It tames flyaway strands without burdening your hairstyle.

Ion Shaping Plus is an excellent light-hold spray, and it guarantees wave and curl consistency while boosting overall shine. Light-hold hairspray, in many ways, is an everyday style companion. It buffers away awkward hairs while holding down your true look. You can also brush it away, if you need to, making it the hair care world’s most versatile product choice.

How to Choose Hair Spray

Other Hair Considerations

That said, each hairspray type carries benefits. Specialty hairspray products are useful for high-humidity environments, and several shaping sprays are specifically designed to combat heat damage. If your hair is treated with Keratin, you should consider a Keratin-friendly spray. While many hairspray products are entirely safe, a few might make your hair brittle upon application.

It’s important to maintain your look, but it’s also important to secure your hair’s future. Flexible, touchable holds take a while to nail down, but they’re totally worth the effort. So get out there, look around and find the product that best defines you!

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