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How to Choose From Different Types of Hair Brushes

It might seem like an easy idea to go buy a hair brush, but in reality there are many types of hair brushes to choose from. It’s worth knowing about the different types and what they can offer you so you get the best benefits from your brush. Read on to discover various types and what each can do for you.

5 Different Types of Hair Brushes

How to Choose From Different Types of Hair Brushes

Round Brush

There are all sorts of round brushes, which help you style your hair when blow drying. These brushes are the right choice when you want to add volume, or you could choose to add a bit of a curl with these. You can pick from a multitude of round brush sizes and different types, such as the Ion Ceramic Round Boar Bristle Brush. A ceramic finish helps your hair dry faster, which is obviously more convenient but also helps cut down on damage from the heat.

How to Choose From Different Types of Hair Brushes

Vented Brush

This variety of brush is a great choice for blow drying, since the vents in the back of the brush help the heat reach every part of your hair. You’ll get more even heating in less time, which is beneficial to prevent damage. Try the Ion Ionic Ceramic Thermal Vent Brush to get quicker drying from the vents and frizz-control from the Natural Ionic Energy.

How to Choose From Different Types of Hair Brushes

Paddle Brush

This type of hair brush is perfect to have for regular brushing when you’re not using a blow dryer or looking for volume. Nonetheless, you could also use it with a blow dryer for a top-notch blow out. It boosts shine and gets frizziness under control. The Ion Ceramic Cushion Paddle Brush has a large base and far-infrared technology that helps heat work better on your hair, creating smoother, shinier hair.

How to Choose From Different Types of Hair Brushes

Tease Brush

When you plan to tease your hair for some added volume, use a tease brush instead of a comb because it’s more protective with this somewhat-damaging technique. You can find small tease brushes or larger ones, such as the Ion Anti-Frizz Wide Tease Brush, depending on whether you want more control over smaller sections of hair or to capture larger amounts at once.

How to Choose From Different Types of Hair Brushes

Thermal Styling Brush

It’s even possible to go high-tech with your hair brush with a thermal option. The new Ion Titanium Thermal Styling Brush brings even heat to hair with its titanium coating, styling your hair directly through the brush instead of with an outside heat source. The heat is an infrared technology that helps keep the moisture in your hair. You guide your hair with the rows of bristles that enable you to make a wavy, flipped or voluminous style. Plus, you can adjust the heat up to the highest setting of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

On top of choosing the type of brush, it’s also important to consider the type of bristle you want on these various brush types. Choose synthetic ones if you have very thick tresses because they help get tangles out and cut down on static. Natural bristles – boar hair bristles are a common option – are good for finer hair, and they help move your hair’s oil throughout your locks, which improves shine and overall appearance. There are also varieties that include both synthetic and natural bristles in one brush! Choosing between all the different types of hair brushes can feel a bit daunting but don’t let that deter you!

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