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How to Bring Bold Hair to the Office

Bold, bright hair color isn’t just for celebrities. You can say yes to cool hair color ideas even if you work in an office. The first step is to know your industry and its perceptions before opting for a full head of blue, pink or blood orange hair. The second step is to embrace non-traditional colors and learn fun, creative ways to rock your favorite color without raising the eyebrows of your boss or the HR director.

Crazy for Color but Still Office Appropriate

A full head of neon pink captures attention when rocked by celebrity on the red carpet. Unfortunately, it may be a bit distracting when you’re delivering a presentation in the board room or teaching a class of sixth graders. Good news! You can have your pink hair and still be office appropriate. The best trick for incorporating brighter, bolder colors into your hairstyle is to go for strategically placed color.

Ponytail with Color

If your go-to office look is a sleek pony, color a thin section of hair (about one-inch) from the underside of your head. Choose a section somewhere between your ear and nape of your neck. Why the underside? It’ll be mostly hidden when wearing your hair down, but when you pull it up into your signature sleek pony, BAM! A splash of color that’s gorgeous and yet not distracting. It’ll look beautiful when wearing a braid or any type of bun as well, offering a lot of versatility. Need more ponytail ideas for your business/work look? Check out six more easy styles here.

Tip Bangs with Your Favorite Color

It doesn’t matter if you wear your bangs side-swept or sassily brushing your eyebrows, you can just color the tips for a pop of color. If you’re looking for purple hair color ideas, tipped bangs are ideal. Colors like purple, radiant orchid, fuchsia and aqua look stunning with brunette hair, especially, darker brown and shades that border on ebony. Consider rose or salmon pink tipped bangs with blond hair or even shark blue for a unique look.

Mix Color in with Natural Instead of Highlights

Instead of blending in caramel highlights with your chocolate brown hair, add in a brilliant red or classic purple. When adding these streaks of color, think subtle, not stripes.  Add the bright color in the same places as you would when adding highlights.

Go Colombré

Colombré is a great way to add a fun color to your hair and still be office appropriate. Transition your blond locks to a soft pink for a colombré look that is subtle and ultra feminine. Take brunette hair to lavender for a colombré that’s chic and sophisticated. You can colombré shoulder-length or even chin-length bobs for this trendy style that will pair beautifully with your favorite work outfits.

Test the Waters with Extensions

Extensions are ideal if you just want to experiment with a bold color. Buy platinum blond extensions and then color with the shade you’re considering. Wear your extensions to work and this will provide the feedback needed before you color your actual hair. If the boss says, no way — you can remove the extensions easily. But don’t give up. Ask your boss what type of color styles would be approved.

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