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How to Achieve White Hair Color

These days, white and white-blonde are becoming increasingly popular hair colors. Not only can these colors be flattering on their own, but having white or white-blonde hair also provides the perfect canvas for adding subtle, gorgeous pastel colors as well. Still, if you have darker hair, achieving white hair isn’t as simple as buying a box of hair color. Instead, there are some specific lightening and toning steps you’ll need to take in order to achieve white, healthy hair.

Start With Healthy Hair

Because coloring or otherwise chemically treating your hair can be damaging, it’s best to start with healthy hair that hasn’t been recently colored. If your hair is already dry and damaged with breakage and split ends, consider giving your hair some time to restore its strength and health before lightening. You may also want to consider improving your hair’s health with some deep conditioning treatments and similar products before hand. You can also use the Absolute Perfection Step 1 as another way to ensure beautiful and healthy hair while lightening and coloring.

Choose the Right Lightener

Not all hair lightening products are created equal, which is why it’s so important to find a quality lightener that will reduce damage and achieve the best results. ion™ Color Brilliance™ Bright White Crème Lightener is specifically designed to gently lighten hair to your ideal shade without creating split ends and breakage. This formula also features optimum conditioning and moisture retention and requires a shorter processing time than many other lighteners.

With the ion™ Color Brilliance™ Bright White Crème Lightener, you can not only condition your hair, but lighten it up to eight levels in one session. The innovative formula also contains keratin, chamomile extract, and sunflower seed oil to nourish hair while it lightens. Simply mix with ion developer at a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio for 20 minutes (on scalp) or 30-40 minutes (off scalp) for best results!

Once your hair is lightened, you’ll also want to make sure to use a toning shampoo and conditioner that will keep your hair that beautiful white color. For conditioning lightened hair, you can also consider Absolute Perfection Step 2, a powerfully hydrating conditioner that locks in the hydration.

How to Go Pastel

Another fun option to consider when toning your hair is incorporating ion™ Color Brilliance™ Bright White Crème Toners. These are easy to use, safe on color-treated hair, and excellent for adding a beautiful, subtle shade of just about any pastel color imaginable to your white hair. Many women, for instance, incorporate pastels by adding the toner to the bottom layers of their hair. This achieves a fun “peek-a-boo” style that can be shown off when desired.  Simply mix the toner with the developer and process for 30 minutes to add beautiful pastel hues.

Prolong Color With a Vinegar Rinse

Once you’ve achieved your ideal white hair color, there are additional steps you’ll want to take in order to protect and prolong the life of your color. One of the best ways to do this is to actually rinse your hair with a mixture of cold water and white vinegar. It may sound strange, but the vinegar will actually help to naturally tone your hair and make your color last longer. In addition to the vinegar rinse, you may also want to try going longer in between washing your hair to protect it against damage and to protect any pastel color you may have added to your hair.
If you’ve been wondering how to get white hair regardless of your natural hair color, this step-by-step guide has you covered. All that’s left now is to obtain the right lightening products and have some fun with your color!

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