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How to Achieve the Perfect Cat Eye

Seductive, coquettish and absolutely feminine, the perfect cat eye has been a makeup style embraced by women for more than six decades. From icons like Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot to modern trendsetters such as Gwen Stefani, Lana Del Rey and even Taylor Swift, the cat eye is a makeup technique that adds sexy flare to your chic look.

Perfect Cat Eye Tools

Every great look relies on specific tools of the trade to make that look extra special. Could you create a cat eye look with any old eyeliner, sure, but if you want it to be easy and look flawless, it’s best to rely on a few makeup must-haves. For a basic cat eye you’ll need liquid eyeliner, an eyeliner pencil, eye primer or eyeshadow base, eye shadow (whatever colors coordinate with your overall look/mood) and mascara.

You’ll also need a mirror — it’s best to use a mirror when first attempting a cat eye.

How to Do the Perfect Cat Eye

Start your cat eye by lining the inner rim of your eyelid with pencil eye liner. You’ll need to lift the lid slightly to achieve this. Also line the rim of your lower lash line.

Apply a primer to your eyelid and the space between the lid and brow. This helps keep your shadow and line in place even under warm conditions.

Using the eyeliner pencil, line the lid, directly above the lash line and gently blend the liner into the lashes with an applicator or brush.  An angled brush works great for this step.

Now it’s time for the liquid liner and the feminine flick that creates the perfect cat eye. Layering your liquid eyeliner over pencil liner and primer helps keep the liquid liner in place for all-day or all-night fun.

How to Achieve the Perfect Cat Eye

Cat eye flick

To get the angle right and even on both eyes, try this “cheat” tip. Using one of your makeup brushes, place it against the side of your nose and keeping the brush in line with your eye and the tip of your eyebrow. This is the angle for the cat eye flick or wing. Lightly trace your cat eye flick/wing using the brush guide on both eyes.

Once the angle for the flick is in place, it’s time to create the cat eye with the liquid liner. Trace over the pencil lining the lid. Your liquid line should gradually thicken as you reach the outer corner of the eye and as it meets the flick. Continue with the liquid liner to complete the flick/wing.

Remember, the perfect cat eye begins thin at the inner corner of the eye and gradually becomes thicker as it reaches the outer corner before it curves up into its flick.

Tip: Never pull on the skin when creating a cat eye flick or it will end up looking out of proportion and odd.

How to Achieve the Perfect Cat Eye

Cat Eye Flick Length

There are no strict rules about how long your cat eye flick should measure. You want the flick to extend past the crease of your eyelid but it should not extend all the way to the brow. It may take few times practicing the cat eye look to determine the perfect flick for your eyes and the look you want.

How to Achieve the Perfect Cat Eye

Do I Need Eye Shadow with My Cat Eye?

It’s entirely up to you. Glam up your cat eye by layering a shimmering metallic shadow over a cream-colored neutral shadow or opt for sexy simplicity with just the cat eye and some mascara. You can even combine a smokey eye with a cat eye for a stunning, sophisticated look.

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