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How Many Times a Week Should I Wash My Hair?

Do you tend to ask yourself how many times a week should I wash my hair? You don’t want to wash too often and end up getting rid of all your healthy oils, yet you want to do it enough to keep from being too greasy. The answer to this question depends on the type of hair you have: oily, dry or combo. Find your type in the following list to learn how often you should wash your hair for best results.

Oily Hair

When your hair tends to get oily, and skipping a day of shampoo would leave your scalp greasy, you’re the type that needs a daily shampooing. Remember to scrub around your scalp, but leave the ends alone so you don’t dry them out from those daily washings. Shampooing every day can also be beneficial for people who work out often or have fine hair.

Dry Hair

If your hair tends to dry out, skip shampooing every day. Shampoo removes your hair’s natural oils, so it makes hair even drier and more vulnerable to damage. While people with oilier hair can get away with more frequent washings, the shampoo will just make your dry hair drier. People with thick and curly hair can usually get away with fewer washings as well.

So if you’re not shampooing every day, when should you do it? Every other day should work for most people. Try going a few days or wait to see when your hair ends up getting too greasy or itchy, which would require you to wash it sooner. Many people have positive results with once-a-week washings, but it really is an individual decision based on your hair and your styling regime.

Combo Hair

You’re probably confused if your scalp gets oily, yet the ends of your locks still tend to dry out. This just means you have combination hair, similar to the idea of combination skin. In this case, it’s best to skip a day between washings. Also, focus your shampooing at the scalp, staying away from the ends as much as you can.

Tools for Great Hair Between Washes

If you find yourself unable to wash your hair as much as you should for your hair type, no worries. There are numerous products and techniques that can help you cheat your way to great hair without washing it.

Try these tips:

  • Keep in mind that styling your hair can often extend washings.
  • Blow drying and heat styling tend to dry the hair, so you might be able to go longer before you wash it again.
  • Try brushing with a boar bristle brush at night to spread oils from the scalp through the hair.
  • Use a light shampoo that doesn’t weigh down your hair or make it too greasy too quickly.
  • Use a keratin treatment and go longer between washings.
  • Apply some dry shampoo to the scalp between washings.

Overall, the frequency of washings varies based on how oily your hair is and how you style it. Check the list for your hair type and pay attention to how long you can go before it gets too oily. That will give you the answer to smooth and moisturized hair!

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