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How Brunettes Can Try Pastel Hair Color

These days, pastel hair colors are very popular and don’t show any signs of leaving soon. However, if you look around at most of the models showing off their pastel hair, one thing you’ll probably notice is that they’re all blondes! Surely, naturally blonde hair takes pastel hair dye much better than darker hair, but this isn’t to say that if you have dark hair, you can’t pull off the pastel trend. Below, we’ve outlined four fun ways in which you can incorporate pastel colors into your hair.

With an Ombre Kit

Today, ombre hair that incorporates pastel colors is a huge trend, so if you’re looking for something truly different and unique, you may want to give this a try. Essentially, ombre hair color starts out darker at the roots and then gradually fades into lighter colors, such as pastel pinks, purples, blues, and greens. If you have darker hair, however, getting these pastels to show up can be a challenge, which is why if you plan on achieving ombre hair at home, you’ll want to start with the right kit.

Specifically, look for an ombre hair DIY kit that has bleach built into it, which will save you from having to bleach and then dye your hair separately. As a result, you’ll do less damage to your hair in the process. Of course, if you’re not 100% confident in trying ombre hair at home, we recommend seeing a professional stylist.

Doing Pastel Highlights

Another less dramatic option for incorporating pastel colors into your hair is to do highlights, which you can do yourself or have done at your local salon. This is a bit easier to pull off than ombre color, but it still will require lightening your hair before you color it. We recommend using a hair highlighting kit that supplies you with foil to apply the highlights (rather than a highlighting cap) for the best results. Again, a kit that comes with bleach built into the dye will help save you time and also reduce the amount of damage to your hair, but for the most vibrant results, you may want to bleach the strands of hair you plan on highlighting before you apply the color.

Dying it All Pastel

Another option for incorporating pastel into your hair color is to go all-out and completely dye your hair your favorite pastel color. This is probably the easiest method because it doesn’t require any expertise when it comes to doing an ombre design or using hair foil. However, it’s a decision you’ll want to think through carefully because once you’ve gone all pastel, it’s hard to go back to your original color. You’ll need to either keep up with the pastel color by touching up the roots regularly (dark hair is very obvious in contrast to pastel colors when roots begin to grow in) or allowing it to grow back out to your natural color.

If you decide to completely dye your hair a pastel color, we recommend beginning by bleaching your entire head of hair, being careful to leave the bleach in for just long enough to lighten the strands accordingly. From there, you can use a pastel dye for vibrant results, but we also recommend using an intensive moisturizing conditioner after the fact as well, since bleaching your hair can really dry it out and make it less manageable.

Going With Pastel Tips

Finally, if you want to ‘test the waters” with pastel without taking the risk of dying your whole head, consider dying only the tips of your strands with a pastel color. The nice thing about this option is that if you end up not liking it or get tired of it after a few weeks, you can just have the tips cut off. Furthermore, when you dye the tips of your hair, you don’t need to worry about your roots growing out or feeling compelled to touch it up regularly.

As you can see, there are so many ways in which you can incorporate pastel hair color into your naturally brunette hair. Now the only question is which one of these options will you decide to try on your own hair?

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