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Halloween Treats for Adults and Kids

Halloween isn’t just for kids, but you’ll totally get the most ‘bang for your buck’ by preparing an all-ages potluck. While Halloween treats for adults appeal to finer tastes, plenty of exciting, kid-friendly snacks exist. Ion at Home, normally here to protect your style, wants to spread a little holiday cheer to accompany your awesome looks. Let’s dive in:

Holiday Treats for Kids

First and foremost, get the youngster treats cooked up and served. Halloween, while great for all ages, tends to cater to children. The following recipes go well at any party, and they’re guaranteed to make an impact.

Halloween Treats for Adults and Kids

Graveyard Cupcakes

We’re going with the ‘pull apart’ cupcake design, here, as few things are as satisfying as separating ghosts from headstones. Check out The Food Network for a full rundown, and be sure to save room for frosting! Graveyard cupcakes require a slow mix, too, so be sure to follow the instructions completely.

Halloween Treats for Adults and Kids

Candy Corn Push-Up Pops

A lot of people like candy corn, but everyone likes push-up pops. For this recipe, you’ll need push-up pop canisters, cake batter and cream cheese. Check out Better Homes for the in-depth creation, and tell the kids to stay clean! Push-up pops are great for active environments due to their compact design. Sure, they seem a little complex, but you’ll be thanking yourself as the night picks up.

Halloween Treats for Adults and Kids

Green Slime JELL-O Swamp Cake

It’s candy and cake. Gummy worms, crunchy snacks and more are offered by the JELL-O cake, which is a great centerpiece at any party. Here, Kraft Recipes offers the full scoop, spanning across its sweet, sour inclusions and baking time. If you haven’t yet, check it out.

Holiday Treats for Adults

Let’s get down to business. Your party’s adults deserve some refreshments and holiday cheer. They won’t be too far off base with keeping the party’s theme aligned, and they’ll certainly invoke excitement from your guests.

Halloween Treats for Adults and Kids

Bloody Floats

If you like spiked drinks, chilled evenings and creepy customs, bloody floats are a party mainstay. MarthaStewart.com offers an awesome recipe, including ice-cream, wine and plenty of sugar. Watch out: The wine stains, leaving creepy, red-lipped smiles.

Halloween Treats for Adults and Kids

Slow-Cooker Bloody Mary Dip

Halloween still holds potential for a cocktail party. Slow-cooker Bloody Mary dip, recipe provided by Betty Crocker, is a devilish delight. It has a slow cook time, so you needn’t be bogged down with preparation as festivities pick up. You will, however, need some quality shrimp. Olives and cocktail sauce deliver the ‘creep factor,’ and its overall zest is a surefire replacement of regular chips and salsa.

Halloween Treats for Adults and Kids

Good, Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies

Yes, sugar cookies. They’re an entirely fundamental component of any party. They’re filled with carbs, stemming off any drinks. They’re sweet, festive and tasty. Check out The Cooking Channel’s recipe, and prepare the oven. Sure, the kids will find them eventually, but sugar cookies can be made in bulk. They’re a great addition to any party, and they never fail to please.

Halloween Treats for Adults and Kids

Zombie Gut Punch Cocktail

Another recipe from The Cooking Channel, the zombie gut punch cocktail mixes classic JELL-O shots with tasty Halloween cheer. Be prepared, as they catch party-goers quick. Be sure to purchase clear, festive disposable glasses to highlight their place at the party.

Your party is always ready for more cheer, and keeping the kids happy while staying entertained, yourself, isn’t a chore. It’s Halloween. Take a load off, kick back and wait for the trick-or-treaters. The night will handle itself, assuming you have a healthy supply of treats to go around.

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