Hair Tool i-­Fusion Heat Therapy Styling Iron

The ion i-Fusion Heat Therapy Styling Iron incorporates the hair health benefits of Argan oil by infusing it into the hair as you straighten. An easy to fill container is attached to the straightener and slowly releases it throughout the hair to give it a beautiful, smooth, and healthy shine.

How To Instructions

Step By Step

  1. Before plugging the ion i-Fusion Heat Therapy Flat Iron in, remove the tank from the iron to fill it with the ion i-Fusion Heat Therapy Argan Refill. To fill the tank pop the tank loose by using the switch marked "unlock tank."
  2. Turn the tank over and pull back the rubber cap to open it.
  3. Open the refill bottle by lifting up and turning the nozzle on the cap counter clockwise automatically tipping open the cap. Insert the pointed cap into the tank and squeeze liquid into the tank without exceeding the fill line.
  4. After the tank is filled, close the rubber cap on the bottom of the tank and reinsert the tank into the iron until it clicks into place.
  5. If you want to regulate the amount of vapor, use the vapor control switch which can be found on the bottom of the iron.
  6. Make sure to detangle your hair with a brush prior to styling.
  7. Plug in the flat iron and set to your ideal heat setting.
  8. Apply the ion Keratin Heat Styling creme to your hair for added heat protection.
  9. Using clips, separate out a 2" wide section.
  10. Straighten your hair one 2" section at a time.
  11. Finish your style with the ion Keratin Flex Finish Spray.