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Hair Help: Moisture Solutions for Dry Hair

Dealing with dry hair can be a real pain. After all, dry hair is notoriously difficult to style and is also much more prone to breakage and frizziness than moisturized, healthy hair. Unfortunately, keeping your hair moisturized is often easier said than done, especially when you consider all the elements out there that can dry your hair out (products, heat, a dry climate, etc.). On the bright side, there are a few hair help tips you can try to add needed moisture to your hair and increase shine in the process.

Hair Help: Moisture Solutions for Dry Hair

Start Using Conditioning Treatments

If you’re not doing so already, it’s time to find a quality deep conditioning treatment and start using it at least once a week. The conditioner you use in the shower isn’t enough; you need a deep treatment that you can apply to your hair and leave in your hair after you wash it. This allows your hair to soak up the moisture and nutrients throughout the day. Consider trying the ion™ LUXE Masque for softer, smoother, and healthier hair overall.

Hair Help: Moisture Solutions for Dry Hair

Use The Right Brush and Styling Tools

Did you know that the brush you use can have a major effect on the moisture content in your hair? Specifically, using the wrong type of brush or even brushing your hair too often can result in dryness and breakage. The best way to comb your hair is always with your fingers, gently and loosely. If you must brush your hair, however, it’s recommended that you use a wide-tooth comb. If brushing while drying your hair, use a paddle brush, which will add shine while protecting your hair from further damage.

The same goes for styling tools, such as dryers, curling irons, and straighteners. Invest in quality tools with titanium or ceramic parts to distribute heat evenly through hair and protect it from frying.

Hair Help: Moisture Solutions for Dry Hair

Give Your Hair the Day Off

It’s okay to give your hair a break from looking fabulous every once in awhile. The next day you don’t have anywhere important to be, skip washing your hair altogether and throw it up into a messy bun. Smooth down the fly-aways with ion™ LUXE Opulent Shine Creme if the messy bun isn’t for you. Or, better yet, wrap your hair in a soft, silk scarf. This will protect it from the elements and give it a much-needed break from drying, styling, and products.

Hair Help: Moisture Solutions for Dry Hair

Increase Your Intake of Omega-3s

Finally, did you know that fatty acids, such as Omega-3s, are great for nourishing and moisturizing your hair? Yet, most people don’t get enough of them in your diet. Boost your intake of Omega-3s by eating more fish and seafood. Or, if you’re not a fan of seafood, you can always take a daily fish oil supplement. This will have the added benefit of improving heart and brain health as well.

These hair help tips are sure to increase moisture and shine in your hair, helping it look and feel more healthy in the process. Be sure to give some or all of these tips a try; we’re sure you’ll notice the difference.

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