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Hair Color Tips for Fine Hair

If you have finer hair, whether you were born with it or not, then you’ve probably explored solutions to help achieve thicker-looking hair with more volume. And while it’s true that there are some great products out there (including thickening shampoos, conditioners, and even hair-building fibers), what so many women don’t realize is that their hair color can play a huge role in the perceived thickness and fullness of their hair. With a little creativity and strategy, you can use at-home hair color to achieve fuller-looking hair in no time. Read on to explore how to use color to add fullness with these four tips for fine hair!

Hair Color Tips for Fine Hair

Go With Darker Roots

If you’ve ever been told (and believed) that you should never let your roots show, then you’ve been living a lie! When you have thin hair, darker roots can actually be your best friend in terms of giving the appearance of added fullness and volume. That’s because the darker color near the roots can help to add thickness when compared to a lighter shade at the roots. Specifically, this is best accomplished in women with lighter hair or women who want to add blonde highlights to their otherwise neutral hair color.

By leaving the hair dark at the roots and adding just a few small highlights, you’ll be amazed at the results. Why does this work? Because when your hair is light at the roots, it blends more easily into the scalp and makes hair appear to fall flatter. With darker roots and few strategically placed highlights, you can achieve dimension.

Hair Color Tips for Fine Hair

Say “No” to the Ombre Trend

The ombre trend of hair coloring is really “in” right now, but it’s generally not the best option for women with finer hair. This goes back to the above explanation of how lighter hair towards the roots tends to produce a “flat” look, and ombre hair typically starts with lighter hair at the roots that gradually gets darker towards the ends. This will only draw more attention to any visible thinning around the crown of the head, which is exactly what you want to avoid.

Hair Color Tips for Fine Hair

Understand How Color Works

Most women don’t realize that the very act of coloring their hair can add thickness and volume for a temporary period of time. That’s because when you color your hair at home, the pigment is actually deposited into the hair shaft (depending on the type of color you’re using), which results in the physical swelling of the hair. Of course, this will fade over time as the color itself does, but coloring your hair with a volumizing color can be a great way to not only add the appearance of fullness, but to actually make your hair strands thicker.

Hair Color Tips for Fine Hair

Try the Scalp-Coloring Technique

Another possible coloring technique to try for thicker-looking hair is known as the scalp-coloring technique. Essentially, this strategy involves going a few shades lighter (depending on your skin tone) than your natural shade the next time you decide to color your hair. The idea here is that going with a lighter color (not just in highlights, but throughout your entire head of hair) makes your scalp (where thinning hair is most obvious) less visible and thus creates the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. If you’re not comfortable with going a full three shades lighter, you can always try one shade lighter and see if you notice the difference.

Hair Color Tips for Fine Hair

A Reminder About Choosing Color

Remember that when you’re choosing hair color for your thin hair, you’ll want to be careful; not all hair coloring products are gentle enough for use on thin hair, and making the wrong choice could result in damage to your hair, such as breakage and split ends that could make your hair appear even finer. When shopping for a hair coloring product, look for a formula that’s gentle and will protect against damage while also providing long-lasting, vibrant results.

No matter how fine your hair may be, the good news is that there are steps you can take to make it look fuller without the need to go to a salon or have a drastic hair cut done. Consider these tips the next time you color your hair; you’ll love the results!

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