Hair Color Resource Permanent Creme

Learn how to permanently change your hair color with ion At Home. Whether you are covering up grays or changing your entire hair color completely, permanent hair color works by lifting your hair color and then depositing the new color for a permanent new look! Not sure what color to choose? Take our quiz to find the perfect color brilliance shade for you!

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How To Instructions

Step By Step

  1. Gather supplies for your coloring session including a tube of your ideal color, a bottle of the appropriate developer, a bowl and brush.
  2. Before you begin coloring, cover yourself with a towel over your shoulders securing it with a clip around your neck.
  3. Apply ion Pre-Color Treatment from roots to ends, combing through for even coverage.
  4. Apply a small amount of ion Barrier Creme evenly along the hairline to help prevent color residue on forehead, neck and ears.
  5. Put on gloves to protect your hands from becoming stained.
  6. Measure and pour developer into the bowl.
  7. Squeeze the tube of color into the bowl.
  8. Using the tint brush mix the color with the developer until smooth.
  9. Follow the steps outlined on the box to achieve the look you're going for whether you're retouching or going for a new look.
  10. Set a timer to the ideal processing time as determined by a test strand.
  11. Once the timer goes off, rinse your hair until the water runs clear then you can opt for a light shampoo followed by ion After Color Treatment.