Hair Color Resource Demi-Permanent Creme

If you’re nervous about switching to a new ion At Home hair color or switching to at home hair color instead of the salon, demi-permanent hair color is the best formula to start with. Demi-permanent hair color is sometimes referred to as deposit-only hair color because it’s formulated to add color but not lift or lighten color. It’s ideal for blending or covering gray hairs, or changing the tone of your existing hair color. Take our quiz to find the perfect color brilliance shade for you!

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How To Instructions

Step By Step

  1. Before you begin coloring, cover yourself with a towel over your shoulders securing it
    with a clip around your neck.
  2. Apply ion™ Pre-Color Treatment from roots to ends, combing through for even coverage.
  3. Apply a small amount of ion™ Barrier Creme evenly along the hairline to help prevent color residue on forehead, neck and ears.
  4. Put on gloves to protect your hands from becoming stained
  5. Following the mixing instructions inside the box, measure out your developer in an applicator bottle.
  6. Empty the tube of hair color inside the applicator bottle and screw the applicator cap on tightly.
  7. Squeeze the applicator bottle slightly to let out some air, then gently shake the bottle with your fingers covering the opening.
  8. Make sure to look at the hair color box for application photos if you need help.
  9. Running the tip of the applicator bottle along the scalp from the front of your forehead to the top of the crown, then massage the color in with your fingers. From the back of your head run the tip of the bottle horizontal from right to left and massage the color in. Once all of your hair is covered make a pile on top of your head and secure with a clip if needed.
  10. Set a timer for your processing time as outlined in the box instructions.
  11. Rinse hair until water runs clear, then lightly shampoo and finish with ion™ After Color Treatment.