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Hair and Eye Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Never for a minute doubt that your brown eyes are anything less than beautiful. We love brown eyes and how our hair colors complement each shade of brown. The range of brown eye shades are as diverse as the shades you can choose for your hair. Gorgeous dark chocolate brown or lighter shades of chestnut and golden brown eyes that shine like topaz are a facial feature you want to accent with the perfect hair color and makeup hues.

Best Hair Color for Brown Eyes

Determining the best hair color to complement brown eyes depends on several factors including skin tone. Some shades that look amazing with warm skin tones are not as complementary to cool tones. Whether your skin is fair, medium, dark or olive, let’s first look at the colors that complement brown eyes and multiple skin tones.

For both darker and lighter colored brown eyes, consider the following shades of hair color:

  • Medium brown with golden highlights
  • Deep auburn or mahogany
  • Any shade of golden brown or topaz
  • Chocolate brown with warm, copper or bronze highlights

When styling your tresses colored in a fabulous shade that complements your brown eyes, don’t forget to protect that new color with the Ion Styling Multi-Benefit Styling Crème. It’ll help soften your hair when heat styling, while providing manageability.

Bold Hair Color Choices for Brown Eyes

Sometimes you just want to do something a bit more fun with your hair color — stand out and let your personality shine. Dark brown eyes or light brown eyes both look stunning when framed with a beach-y brown that has plenty of golden highlights around the face. This color choice is idea for layered bobs with lots of wispy pieces that you can play with and tousle with a texturizing spray wax.

Consider a light burgundy brown to enhance your brown eyes. This beautiful shade has deep rose tones and will look good with a variety of skin tones, from fair to medium and dark.

Go colorfully bold with a colombré style to really set off your dark or light brown eyes. Look to contemporary shades of deep purple, lavender and rose or go blue with shades of sky and shark blue. Another option is to combine a deep chocolate brown hair color with brilliant magenta bangs and peek-a-boo highlights. A baby pink bang also pairs beautifully with dark brown hair as well.

If you already have beautiful dark locks that you love, you may want to consider a semi-permanent clear shine that enhances the color you already have!

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Play up brown eyes with a variety of makeup shades ranging from bold cobalt blue to subtle neutrals like taupe and peach that make it easy-peasy to get that natural look that’s trending.  Brown eyes are enhanced by almost any shade of purple and it’s easy to create deep, smoky look with shades of purple and charcoal grey.

Accent a peach lid color with shimmering bronze near the brow line and a deep plum eyeliner or forget the eyeliner and opt for an eggplant mascara. Create an unforgettable evening look with cobalt blue eyeshadow and white or gold eyeliner to really make your brown eyes pop.

There are no rules that say you can’t accent your brown eyes with a deep espresso brown shadow and shimmering peach highlight near the brow. Keep the look cohesive with a dark brown eyeliner and dark brown mascara. Another option is to make this look shimmer a bit with golden highlights and a bit of gold eyeliner. Either way, you’ll be camera-ready and your brown eyes will be turning heads.

Now is the perfect time to try a new hair color to enhance your brown eyes. Throughout the month of September, we are offering a buy 1, get 1 50% off all hair color and hair care products as well as $10 off any full size ION styling tool.

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