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Green Eyes: Hair and Eye Makeup Tips

Green eyes are gorgeous! They are the least common eye color and it’s their rarity that help make them stand out. Play up your green eyes by enhancing them with the right hair color and best shades of makeup to really make the green pop. The best hair color for green eyes varies because of skin tone but there are a few basic tips that are easy to follow when choosing your color.

Warm Colors Accent Green Eyes

Green eyes are complemented by rich, warm colors like gold, bronze and copper. Think a shimmering, setting sun over a vibrant green meadow — the colors look spectacular together. Consider a light golden blonde or our Ion copper blonde. The cool, metallic hue of silver does not complement green eyes of any shade.

Hazel-green eyes look beautiful with locks of light brown with honey blond or rose-toned highlights framing the face. The golden or rose-gold highlights will bring out the flecks of gold often found in hazel-green eyes. Use a texturizing spray wax to arrange to get those highlights to lay exactly where you want to draw more attention to your eyes.

If you skin has a golden undertone, consider going with a more saturated color like the Ion Color Brilliance Mochas 6WR Dark Gold Mahogany Blonde. It’s richly hued and when paired with your green eyes, guaranteed to turn heads.

Tip: Cool skin undertones can get away with a darker, chocolate brown to set off a pair of green eyes.

Classic Fair Skin

Don’t hate your fair skin! It’s beautiful and fair skin looks stunning with so many hair colors. Pair fair skin with green eyes and you’ve got a wow factor. Add the right hair color and BAM! Classic shades of golden reds, auburns and chestnut are amazing with fair skin and green eyes. Not in the mood for red? Go blonde! Opt for the warmer tones of golden blondes, honey and butter but if you’re feeling a bit more daring try platinum to really make a statement.

Can you go brunette if you have fair skin and green eyes? Yes, just opt for those hues that have a bit of rose, bronze and golden tones.

Colombré for Green Eyes

One of the hottest trends in hair color, colombré takes coloring to the next level. Part rainbow and part ombré, colombré is an exciting color choice for anyone with green eyes. If you’re already blonde, going colombré is easy and a great way to really play up the unique color of your eyes. There’s no hard rules for colombré colors, but our Ion Color Brilliance Brights in cantaloupe, salmon, blood orange and purple are perfect hues to consider.

Coordinating Makeup with Hair and Eye Color

Your  look doesn’t stop at a great hair color. Along with your hair color, the makeup you choose for your green eyes is essential for the complete look. Eye makeup shades with a red base make green eyes look even more vibrant. Opt for shades of copper, bronze and gold that also complement the same shades in your hair. All these stunning colors are working together with the sole purpose of making your green eyes even more gorgeous.

Brown shadows in rich mochas also look amazing with green eyes — highlight with gold or copper. Dark hunter greens also pair well with golden, copper and bronze highlights up near the brow.

When you’re rocking that colombré hair or in the mood for a bit more daring eye makeup, go for a shimmering blood orange color with metallic royal purple liner. Various shades of purple shadow work well with green eyes. Play around with the color to see what looks best with both your skin tone and hair color.

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