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Girls’ Night Out: 5 Ideas

For moms, it’s easy (and normal!) to feel guilty about setting aside time to spend with your girlfriends. Moms are used to spending time cooking meals, cleaning up messes, washing clothes, setting up playdates, making crafts, reading to their kids, buying groceries, and so much more! It’s hard to make time to get dolled up and hang out with friends, but there is a way!

First, it’s important to understand that spending time with other women is beneficial in so many ways. Girlfriends provide support, acceptance, and stimulation in different ways than your children and your husband do—and that’s ok! So if you’re looking to set aside a couple hours soon have a little fun with the girls, here are a few ideas:

5 ideas for girl's night out


Paint Night

Paint nights are popping up everywhere—in cities and suburbs alike. Some companies will supply wine, if you want, and others will let you BYOB. The classes are instructor-led, and you’ll have a painting you are trying to replicate. Enjoy a glass of whatever you like and paint the night away with your friends.

Get Crafty Together

Jewelry parties, making cards together, even knitting—if you and your girlfriends have a common interest, why not do it together? Being creative draws people together, and it’s fun to make something you will actually wear or use at a later date. For cards, pick a theme or two, have everyone bring a few supplies to share, along with your ideas and inspiration. This type of evening is also fun to do with daughters and sons.

Learn to Make Sushi

Cooking classes are becoming a popular go-to for couples and girls enjoying a night together learning something new. One idea we like? Find a local class and learn to make sushi. Come up with your own combinations and create a unique roll.

Take an Exercise Class

Fitness clubs everywhere will let you walk in and take a class for a fee instead of enrolling as a member. Take an exciting Zumba class to dance off stress or a yoga class to stretch out the kinks! This can be the main activity or a precursor to a yummy dinner filled with conversation.

Have a Spa Day

There’s nothing like pampering yourself. Have a massage or a facial. Get a manicure and pedicure. Best of all, chat with your friends all the while, and let the physical and mental restoration do its thing.

Being a mom is the best job in the world, but it’s also the hardest job in the world! Hanging out with friends and having a girl’s night out is exactly what you need to restore yourself. Want more ideas for spending time with your friends and family? Follow our inspiration-packed blog!

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