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Get the Natural Look

It can be inspiring to try a hair color in brilliant sky blue or stunning radiant orchid, but sometimes, it’s also inspiring to try a natural beauty look. From makeup to nails to hair, we have a few tips on embracing your natural beauty for a pure, easy glow:


Healthy skin is key to this look. Taking care of it will help your skin glow and reduce blemishes and acne flare-ups. Try chemical-free products on your face and pure coconut oil on your arms and legs – it’s a natural moisturizer and can give you that summertime glow right away.


The key to natural nails is that the nail, cuticle, and nail bed need to be healthy. Make sure nails are dry and trimmed; apply a nail hardener (top coat) to your nails to keep them strong.


There are a couple easy ways to go natural with your hair. Clarifying treatments remove the residue left behind by other products and make the hair a clean slate for your new project. Try Ion Clarifying Shampoo to get fresh, shiny hair. This process is essential for women who are ready to unburden their hair and go the natural route.

Another way to go natural is to embrace your natural hair color. Check out our guide to getting back to your roots, and check out our Ion Color Coder to find the right ION Color Brilliance color to help you get there!

Going natural is more than just a look: it’s a vibe. It’s also a very freeing feeling to embrace a natural look and learn to feel confident with your own beauty. Want more advice on achieving the natural look, or any other look you’re itching to try? Follow our blog for DIY beauty tips, hair color tricks and beauty inspiration.

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