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Get Salon Quality Hair at a Fraction of Salon Prices

Looking and feeling good is a priority for so many of us, and beautiful hair is one of the major components of the equation. Keeping your hair healthy and looking great can be expensive, especially when you add color or use specialty shampoos. These are major budget busters that many people feel they cannot go without. However, there are alternatives that will help you curb the expenses while giving you that fresh, salon-quality look. With the right products at Ion and guidance, you can achieve winning looks each and every time. Here are a few tips:

Get Salon Quality Hair at a Fraction of Salon Prices

Use the right tools

Buying professional haircare tools can protect and nurture your hair to keep it healthy. When you invest in the right tools, your hair will respond like it does at the salon. We recommend our award-winning flat iron.

Get Salon Quality Hair at a Fraction of Salon Prices

Don’t overwash

Washing your hair everyday can strip the oils and leave your hair looking dull and lifeless. So let your hair relax. Skipping washing for a day or two is actually healthy for your hair. When rinsing your hair after washing, use cold water. Cold water locks in shine, big time. We recommend using Ion Dry Shampoo.

Get Salon Quality Hair at a Fraction of Salon Prices

Color your own hair

It’s not as intimidating as you think! In fact, using the right techniques and products will give you that same sleek, salon look. First thing’s first: Buy a professional-grade hair color, like Ion Color Brilliance. Our premium hair color features the same formulas used in your favorite in salons around the world and is made using the world’s most luxurious ingredients for professional-looking results at home. Here are some simple tips to remember about DIY hair color:

  • Always do a strand test.
  • If you are getting a perm, it’s always best to perm the hair first and wait two weeks before applying color. If you are using semi-permanent hair color, it can be done on the same day.
  • If you plan on coloring your hair but need a haircut, it is always best to cut your hair first.
  • When mixing shades of color, make sure you stay with the same brand.
  •  When applying hair color on your own, start your timer as soon as you have finished the application.
  • Consider your hair texture prior to application. Coarse hair usually needs more time to process, while fine hair needs less time.

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