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Get Back to Your Roots: Embracing and Enhancing Your Natural Hair Color

Has your hair seen its fair share of shades? If you don’t have enough time to maintain your crazy hair color, or you simply want to give your hair a break, your best bet is going back to your natural hair color. Here are some helpful tips for getting back to (metaphorical) roots, easily.

What is Your Natural Hair Color?

If your roots have already grown out, use that base color as a guide for selecting which hair color you use to get back to “natural.” You can also reference older pictures of your hair before it was color treated. You don’t necessarily need to settle on your exact natural hair color, as coloring options such as demi-permanent hair color can be much easier on your hair than permanent hair color.

Selecting the Right Hair Color Formula

Once you’ve determined the natural hair color you’re going back to, you can use Ion Color Brilliance to bring your hair back to its base beauty. If you’re going from light back to something darker, demi-permanent hair color is a great option. You’ll avoid damage to your hair, as it doesn’t contain ammonia. It simply deposits the color into the hair, bringing you back to your natural color. If you have blonde hair and you are going darker, it is always necessary to add warmth. Consider using a gold or warm red shade. You should also pick a color that’s one shade lighter than desired. You can always go darker easily, however once the hair is colored too dark, it’s more difficult to correct.

If you are going from a dark hair color back to a lighter color or blonde, you have a few options to pursue. First, use color-removing products to remove the dark color from your hair. You can then use demi-permanent hair color to achieve an enhanced version of your natural color. (However, it may take a few applications before your new “natural” color really starts to pop.)

Enhancing Your Natural Hair Color

Once you’ve returned to your natural hair color, it’s important to keep it looking its best. Use a demi-permanent hair color that’s the same shade as your natural color to give it extra enhancement and dimension. (Demi-permanent color also adds tons of shine!) You can also keep your color looking vibrant and healthy by using products designed for color-treated hair. Check out Ion’s Color Solutions products.

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