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Funky Hair Color Schemes Guaranteed to Make an Impact

It’s time to express yourself. Creative hair designs needn’t be bound to all-natural looks, and a slew of great products exist to redefine your sharpest looks. Funky hair is fun. It’s sleek, and it’s slim. We’re covering the hottest styles out there, straight from subtle to loud designs.

Get out there and experiment! It’s your hair, after all, and each design can open a realm of new possibilities. Take advantage of your hair’s unique consistency, and tame your reservations with a funky hair color. It’s time to get wild.

Check out these dramatic and inspiring styles, and outfit your new persona with our product and hair-care rundown.

Funky Hair Color Schemes Guaranteed to Make an Impact

The Black and Pink Razor Queen

This style utilizes sleek black coloration to dazzle onlookers with a strike of pink. Here, your banks and side sections are the canvas. Chopped, clean and jet black, this style is guaranteed to frame fair skin with astounding detail.

Kick off the style with Ion’s Color Brilliance Permanent Crème Hair Color, and select 1V Jet Black. Keeping things simple, 1V Jet Black makes room for the pink slash, enticing onlookers while providing a durable foreground for your creative input.

Funky Hair Color Schemes Guaranteed to Make an Impact

The Funky Lilac Undercut

If you’re looking for a modern style, look into the dyed undercut. Unnatural hair color fans love the funky lilac undercut style. It goes well with pastel hues, like lime green, fuchsia, purple, electric blue and orange. In fact, washed out colors, like baby blue, lilac and pastel pink are the biggest modern industry trends.

As you apply your product, be careful with brightness. Understand your skin tone, and match color to warmth levels. Your pastel dye should complement your skin tone, not combat it. Check with your colorist before creating your awesome style, and consider moving away from block coloring. While totally doable, block coloring is a bit outdated in today’s hair scene.

Funky Hair Color Schemes Guaranteed to Make an Impact

The Blue Metallic Color Splice

Few hairstyles contend with a solid, shapely metallic splice. Take advantage of the Ion Color Brilliance Metallics Silver Streak product, and pair it with your favorite deep blue to birth an awesome color scheme. If you’re not ready for a full-color head, go with a temporary setup.

Lowlights and highlights are always an option, and they’re highly adaptable. Check out your own shade, and create a style of light color washes to create a gentle shimmer. Remember: Your own shade shouldn’t be over-stuffed with color. Pulling off a metallic splice look requires subtlety and attention to detail.

Funky Hair Color Schemes Guaranteed to Make an Impact

The Ombre

Gradual hair coloring has become increasingly popular. It’s a technique for dip-dye schemes and long-haired heads. If you’ve got the length, go with an ombre style. Decide on a color, a transition color and a transition type. Do you want a muted blend? What about a gradual fade? Blunt lines, too, stick out, offering a modern touch to a timeless style.


The ombre style is incredibly flexible. Really, it’s the best style out there for signature creations. As you follow your colorist’s style guidelines, shift the bangs and back. Glide into your own special style, and emphasize your transitions. Often, great styles evolve from “baseline” color schemes.

If you’re using a muted blend, consider lowlights or highlights as a cool addition. Funky styles are all about personality, so don’t be afraid to get experimental. Your stylist can help you settle the score between your style and personality. When in doubt, browse the products everyone seems to gravitate toward. You’ll be surprised at the numerous options available to quirky creationists.

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