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Fun Christmas Games to Play with Everyone

Are you planning on hosting a holiday party this year? If so, then you’re probably already in the process of planning out the perfect meal, but what about entertaining your guests? You’ll want to have plenty of games and other entertainment ideas to ensure your guests have a great time. And of course, if you’re hosting a family affair, you want to make sure you have plenty of game options that are suitable for all ages. We’ve got a few fun Christmas games to play that are sure to please!

Fun Christmas Games to Play with Everyone

Hold a Light Untangle Challenge

Anybody who has ever decorated a tree knows just how much of a challenge it can be to unravel those strings of light, especially when they were put away haphazardly the year before. While the untangling of the lights may not be much fun on your own, it can actually be pretty entertaining when you turn it into a game. For this game, grab a few sets of holiday string lights and ravel them up as messy as you can. Then, in teams or individually, start the timer and see who can not only get their string of lights unraveled the quickest, but get it plugged in with every bulb illuminated!

Fun Christmas Games to Play with Everyone

Have a Gift-Wrapping Contest

Every family has a few people who are either notoriously awful at wrapping gifts or unbelievably talented at it. Put your family gift-wrappers to the test by having a gift-wrapping contest! Make it extra challenging by finding some of the most oddly shape items you can find to wrap, whether it be a tennis racket, a soccer ball, or even a strange-shaped vase. Set a two-minute timer for each wrapping job. When all is said and done, hold a vote to see whose wrapping job is the best!

Fun Christmas Games to Play with Everyone

Host a Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Sometimes, a simple scavenger hunt is all you need to really get the party going. Plus, you can get as creative as you want with this. Some items you may consider placing on your list include a specific-colored ornament from the tree or a pine cone from the yard. Just make sure you have a prize set aside for the winner. The kids really tend to get into scavenger hunts, so be sure that the items on the list are ones that they’re able to find and reach.

Fun Christmas Games to Play with Everyone

Play a Game of Holiday Trivia

Of course, for those moments after the big holiday feast when you’re all sitting around the table together as a family, this is a great opportunity to host a game of holiday trivia. You can do this in teams or play individually. Write down some questions ahead of time and see who can answer them first. For example, you might give a point to the first person who can list all of the nine reindeer. Get as creative as you want with your questions, as long as they stay within the holiday theme!


These are just a few creative and fun game ideas worth exploring with your family at your next holiday gathering. By incorporating these into your day, you can transform your simple meal and gathering into a party that everybody will be talking about for months into the new year!

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