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Five Halloween Hairstyles To Do with Your Kids

No Halloween costume is complete without a kickin’ hairstyle. Halloween hairstyles are worth their weight in glitter, and you’d be surprised to learn how many are kid friendly. Autumn is a time for family, friends, food and—yes—awesome styles. Share some time with the kids, and help them with these freaky, flashy hairstyles:

Hairstyle One: The Genie

If your child wants to get mystical, a genie hairstyle is up their alley. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s fun. Simply part your child’s hair horizontally, combing it across the top of their ears. Comb from one top section to the other, clipping the upper section to hold it. Then, tie off the bottom end with elastic. The elastic should be placed just below the crown, creating a wispy tail. When the style is complete, unclip the upper section. Gather it again in elastic, just above the first bind. Wrap a single strand of hair from one of the tails around both elastic bonds. Secure the gathering with a bobby pin.

Hairstyle Two: The Silly Spider

Spider hairstyles are funny, fuzzy and fun! Before hopping into the applications, apply moisturizer. This style requires silky hair, as you’ll be ‘implanting’ the spider’s legs and head into your child’s gathered hair. Smoother is better. Since the silly spider style requires quite a few materials, we’ve created a mini list for you to follow:

  • One black pom pom
  • One hairpin
  • Googly eyes
  • Black felt
  • Four black pipe cleaners

First, create the spider’s face by cutting a circle from the black felt. Add the hairpin, and apply both googly eyes with a hot glue gun. As it dries, gather your child’s hair into a perfectly round bun, placing the spider’s face directly in the center via hairpin. Then, apply the four pipe cleaners along the bun’s outer wall. These ‘legs’ when bent midway, will look creepy, colorful and beautiful!

Hairstyle Three: The Greek Goddess

The Greek goddess style is simple, though you’ll need to curl your child’s hair first. Pull back a section of the curled hair into a ponytail. The ponytail, ideally, should be placed at the head’s crown. With loosened pieces surrounding the hairline, secure the bulk with elastic. Then, twist the ponytail upwards, pinning it to the back of the head. The front section, then, should be swept back to the twist. Pinthis section with bobby pins, too. At your local craft store, purchase a decorative Greek leaf. These leaves are often laden with golden glitter, creating luxurious effects. Secure the leaf with a bobby pin in the back to complete the style.

Hairstyle Four: The Hallo-ring

You’d be surprised how versatile costume-store-bought Halloween rings are. They’re plastic, they’re colorful and they’re easily applied to hair! For this style, you’ll need plenty of them. Often purchased in bulk, these plastic rings contain a separated band—which is perfect for clipping. Be sure, however, to purchase rings with small gaps, however, as large gaps may release the rings.

To make the style, create double puffy braids, binding them with elastic bands at the top, middle and bottom-most sections. Then, carefully slip the plastic rings up the mass. The rings should hold their own weight, creating an awesome—and totally creepy—look.

Hairstyle Five: The Medieval Maiden

Sometimes, simpler is better. Halloween costumes are about realistic styles, after all, and a simplistic medieval maiden style is perfect for any gathering. Before creating the style, apply some styling cream, working it through the hair’s bulk. When the hair dries a little, you’ll be ready for action.

Next, use your hands to finger-tousle your child’s hair. Go for fullness, but don’t create too much frizz. Really, the medieval maiden style should appear natural yet ‘gathered’ for a windswept look. When it’s been tousled enough, gather the hair strands beneath one ear. Tighten them, braid them and tie them off with an elastic band. The band will hold the medieval braid, and the gathered top, applied with styling cream, will remain voluminous.

In general, lightweight materials are your friend. If you want to design your own Halloween hair style, target felt, pipe cleaners, construction paper, glitter and party favors as props. Keeping your child’s hair fluffy and stylish should be a goal. Above all, have fun! It’s Halloween, and everyone deserves excitement before, during and after festivities.

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