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Feeling Bold? Sexy Shades to Try

Dazzling reds, vivacious browns, sleek blondes…ever wanted these stunning colors for your own hair? With Ion, you can turn those dream into a reality at home. There’s no reason to shy away from that will turn heads and stop traffic. Follow these hot beauty tips for creating bold, sexy hues with confidence.

Siren Red

There are a variety of red hues that you can try. If you’re stumped on which shade to choose, let your skin tone be your guide. You have either a cooler or a warmer skin tone, and certain hair colors complement each. If you’re on the cooler side, feel free to rock that fire engine red, since it will be very complementary. Lighter shades of red also look great with cooler skin. If you have warmer skin, try a shade of red that has come cool undertones. Strawberry red also looks good on warmer skin tones. We recommend spicing things up with Ion Color Brilliance Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Medium Red Brown.

Alluring Blacks and Blues

Going black can be a dramatic change. Try using a dark black hair color with blue undertones for an amazing, alluring look. The blue won’t be visible at all times—only in certain lighting—and adds an entirely different dimension to your hair. We recommend Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Hair Color in Midnight Blue Black.

Ombre: the Best of Both Worlds

If you can’t settle on just one color, try the ombre trend—a look that subtly blends from one color to another from root to tip. Some favorite combinations: brunette and coppery red, platinum blonde and soft brown, and light blonde and pink.

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