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Family Photos: Hairstyles for Kids

We know: You’re always on the run. Your little ones can still be bright and shining, however, there are a lot of adorable hairstyles are just waiting to be discovered. A lot of these hairstyles for kids are simple, and each is smart. If you’re getting the tots together for a family photo-op, or, if you’re swinging through a new style for your little one’s age, check out our favorite hairstyles for kids! 

Family Photos: Hairstyles for Kids

Hairstyle One: The Fishtail Braid

French braids can get boring, and they’re a little tough on young heads. Fortunately, the fishtail braid is rocking right now, and it can totally revamp your little one’s hairstyle. The fishtail braid is easy to make, and its creation steps can be viewed on this YouTube video. It’s a totally cute hairstyle, and it’s definitely accessible to kids of any age, so you can teach your child how to manage it themselves!

Family Photos: Hairstyles for Kids

Hairstyle Two: The French Braid with Flowers

If your child is prepping for a wedding, a family photo or a special occasion, spruce of their hair with flowers! The French braid, alone, as a great style for kids. Simply part your child’s hair on the side, and make a French braid on either side to plant the flowers. There is a trick, however: To plant the flowers effectively, you’ll need to get very close to the nape of your child’s neck.

Add hair from the outer edge, and leave room to wrap hair higher up. Work out any kinks and frizzed ends with the Ion Anti-Frizz Pintail Comb, and go to work with the great springtime style! Check out this article for an in-depth rundown about French braid maintenance.

Family Photos: Hairstyles for Kids

Hairstyle Three: Classic Pigtails with Ribbons

Pigtails, too, are highly accessible for your child. If you’re running low on time, you can definitely pass on your parental knowledge. If, however, you’re tidying up for the big family portrait, your child’s pigtails can certainly be turned into a festive arrangement. You can’t go wrong with pigtails and ribbons. Gather your child’s hair, loosely, at the sides. Bind them with lace, and get creative with the tying! A lot of hairstyles for little ones are flexible, so as to prepare for sports, bath-time, school and other activities. Flexibility is important, so make sure the ribbons are easily removable.

Family Photos: Hairstyles for Kids

Hairstyle Four: Side Knots

Great for short-haired girls, Side Knots are elastic-free. You won’t need to worry about losing bands, choking hazards or even adaptability issues. Similar to the side pigtails, side knots look pretty in family portraits. They’re timeless, and they’re incredibly easy to commit to. You will, however, need to assist your child with binding the elastic. If you’re really aiming for a classic look, use the Ion Titanium Pro Spiral Iron to create a curled effect. If your child doesn’t have natural curls, the spiral iron’s touch can add depth to the sides.

Family Photos: Hairstyles for Kids

Hairstyle Five: No-Heat Curls

Understandably, you might want to keep your daughter away from the curling irons. Fear not, however, because you can still give your loved one long-lasting curls. No-heat curls are made from easy-make knots. Simply bind the hair, top-down, and let it flow! Trade out the iron, and give your girl waves for a classy photo session. No heat curls, too, are adaptive, and they won’t fall apart throughout your child’s active day.

Youthful hairstyles are often flexible with age. As your young one grows, they’ll be able to handle the hair themselves. Stay with them, though, because parental partnership is half the fun! 

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