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Family Fun Games to Play in the Car

Sure, car rides can be long, but the destination needn’t be the only fun part of them. There is a wealth of fun to be had behind the wheel, and many games offer excitement for all passengers. If you’re about to hit the road—or, if you’re already on it—check out these fun games to play in the car. Who knows? You might find yourself missing the ride when it’s over.

Fun Games to Play in the Car

Family Fun Games to Play in the Car

20 Questions

Don’t worry, it isn’t monotonous. In fact, 20 questions is incredibly riveting when the going gets tough. The game’s point: Guess the object within 20 questions. It may seem simple, but it can get incredibly tough. Normally, the game begins with the question, “Is it a person?” It’s alright. The game, eventually, narrows down. You’ll be surprised at how easily revealed the selected object is when the game is narrowed down.

Family Fun Games to Play in the Car

The Alphabet Game

The alphabet game is incredibly fun. It’s also thought-provoking. To play the alphabet game, have each passenger select a different area beyond the window. Then, each attempts to locate words beginning with every letter in the alphabet, starting with A. The first member to spot the entire alphabet wins! The game can also be played with a single team, where everyone attempts to complete the alphabet together.

Family Fun Games to Play in the Car

The License Plate Game

Similar to the alphabet game is the license plate game. To play, simply eye license plates, calling out owning cars with plates beginning in the needed letter. Play from A to Z, paying keen attention to each plate’s accommodating vehicle. If the game is getting too easy, attempt to find license plates with double beginning letters. Or, make a special rule for entire words on license plates. A surprisingly large amount of crazy license plates are out there—so keep looking!

Family Fun Games to Play in the Car

Hum the Tune

Here, the ‘mystery song’ hits the center stage. The point of Hum the Tune is to determine a song’s name by the person’s humming. A great guessing game, Hum the Tune works wonders when paired with whistling and singing inclusions. You can move away from radio songs, too. Why not try television theme songs, or even movie soundtracks? A little like charades, Hum the Tune offers endless excitement on long trips.

Family Fun Games to Play in the Car

Spot the Famous Person

Ion at Home isn’t the only keen eye looking for awesome hairstyles. Spot the Famous Person requires a good eye for celebrity lookalikes. If you can see into other cars, and, if the driver has their eyes on the road, take a gander at the many familiar faces down the road. You might see Miley Cyrus, Leonardo DiCaprio or a wealth of others! A little like I Spy, Spot the Famous Person requires a little grit. It isn’t always easy matching up the depictions, so be sure to practice!

Family Fun Games to Play in the Car

Find the Location

You’ll need a map for this one. Have one player spot a secret location on the map, handing it to the other player. Within 60 seconds, they must pinpoint the location. When the round ends, the winner becomes the selector, creating a new round. Find the Location has a variety of difficulty levels, as players can opt to have ‘clues’ within the game. City limits, landmarks and roadways all facilitate an easier game, but they should be used sparingly! Small towns, villages and other small locations make great selections.

Family Fun Games to Play in the Car

The Picnic Game

Related to other car-and-alphabet games, The Picnic Game revolves around long-term memory listing. It begins with the saying, “I went to a picnic, and I brought—” something. Begin with the letter A. When the next person goes, they must restate the opening line and the first item. Then, they must name a food beginning with B. The game continues in this fashion. If a player fails to recall one of the listed food items, they’re out! Here, one person should keep a list of food to ‘memory proof’ the game.

Long car rides can be incredibly fun, though the driver should always have their eyes on the road. Remember: It’s about fun. Though some games can get competitive, remember you’re in a car. Keep the atmosphere nice and easygoing!

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