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Easy Ways to Revamp Your Hair Look by Tomorrow

It’s true: You don’t have to spend big money or tons of time to achieve a fresh, new hair look. There are many great (and easy) DIY hair color and style ideas you can do at home – with a little help from ion®  At Home.


With wavy or semi-curly hair, it’s easy to revamp your look with a sleek, straightened style. Opt for easy-to-use styling products, like our  straightening irons, designed specifically to smooth even your wildest frizz. With a range of offered, from our newest ion® Touch Tech™  Straightening Iron that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the temperature using our innovative touch screen technology to our newest size of our ion® Magnesium PRO straightening technology now available in 1.25”! Both lines of straighteners contain even heat distribution and the smooth, beautiful, and shiny finish for the perfect look!


While this may seem like it would come before trying a new style, but being realistic about your styling tools is a great way to help change up your look. If you’re still holding onto that same hair dryer or straightener years later, it might be time to check out what’s new on the market. Innovation and creativity continues to update our classic styling favorites. Do you find yourself fighting constant fly-aways and frizz when trying to straighten your hair? Our Magnesium line contains the powerful properties of magnesium and incorporates quick heat recovery and even heat distribution. This helps minimize the amount of pass throughs of your hair. Do you have a lot of hair that takes forever to dry with a traditional hair dryer? The ion® Magnesium Pro Blow Dryer heats fast and maintains a stable temperature throughout the drying process with the Magnesium and Ceramic Tourmaline technology combined.. You may have your styling favorite, which we can honestly understand, but you also owe your hair and style an upgrade every so often.


Highlights are great way to add a pop to your natural color and can transform your look quickly. Highlights brighten your natural color, while lowlights add depth and richness. When highlighting hair, it’s best not to go more than three shades lighter than your natural color. Your best lowlight options are reds, copper, and a rich caramel.


How often have you stared in the mirror and imagined your honey blonde hair was a fiery shade of red or a deep brunette? Completely changing your look with all-over color is easy and can be thrilling and empowering.

If you want to go darker, try a semi-permanent (lasts 10 – 15 shampoos) or a demi-permanent color (lasts 20 – 28 shampoos). If you want to go lighter, you’ll need to use a permanent hair color, which will lift the tint in your hair and deposit the new, lighter color.

Note: Before coloring your hair at home, check out our ion® FAQ page for more helpful tips and information. And always perform a strand test before coloring to ensure it’s the color you want. Your hair texture will affect the way it accepts color, so a strand test is essential. If you have any questions about home coloring or how to use our ion® products, please call our color experts at 800-859-3112.

There also is a very simple way to change your look without cutting, coloring, or even using new styling products: Switch your part. If you part your hair on the left side, switch the part to the right side. If you rock the center part daily, try a side part and sweep your bangs coquettishly to one side. It’s amazing how this simple switch can change your look. Try it one day and see how your co-workers, friends, and family respond to the new you.

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