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Easy Hairstyles Using Bobby Pins

If you enjoy experimenting with new hairstyles (especially updos), then there’s a pretty good chance you’ve got bobby pins scattered throughout your home. If you’re like many women, you probably find them in the most random of places! The great thing about bobby pins is that they’re extremely affordable and versatile; no matter what style you’re looking to pull off, bobby pins can help with anything from adding volume and securing hair in place to creating beautiful curls and everything in between.

Looking for some easy yet eye-catching styles that incorporate the use of bobby pins? We’ve got you covered!

Easy Hairstyles Using Bobby Pins

The Accent Braid

One of the most simple yet elegant ways to dress up your day-to-day hairstyle is to add an accent braid. This takes just a moment of your time but is perfect for those days when you’re about to head out the door and want to do something special with your hair. For this style, you’ll need:

Take a small section of hair close to the front of your head and put it into a traditional braid. Then, bring the braided section to the side of your head and use one or two bobby pins to hold it in place. Repeat the same process with a section on the other side of your head and finish with hairspray for all-day hold.

Easy Hairstyles Using Bobby Pins

Cute Side Rolls

Add a little volume to your typical style with this idea that takes just a few seconds and a few bobby pins to execute. Begin by parting your hair as you normally would; then, take one section (you can include your bangs or leave them out, depending on the length) and roll the hair underneath itself, working your way along the side of your head. User your fingers to add a little volume to the roll, then secure in place with a few bobby pins and hair spray. Repeat with the other side for a fun, voluminous take on your day-to-day style.

Easy Hairstyles Using Bobby Pins

Voluminous Ponytail

Did you know that you can add the illusion of volume and thickness to your traditional ponytail using just a few bobby pins? Simply sweep your hair into a ponytail as you normally would. Then, take a bobby pin and insert it into the bottom base of the ponytail; this will give some added lift to the hair overall. If you have thicker or longer hair, add one or two more bobby pins until you’re happy with the result. Finish with hairspray for added hold.

Easy Hairstyles Using Bobby Pins

Bobby Pin Curls

Create heatless curls using bobby pins! This one is a little more time-consuming, but it’s a great alternative to using heat on your hair and the hold is great. Start by taking a small section (about one inch) of your hair and twirling it around your index finger. Once you’ve rolled the hair up to your roots, grab one or two bobby pins to secure the roll against your scalp. Repeat this process with the rest of your hair, working in sections while the hair is slightly damp. Spritz with hairspray, allow to dry for a few hours (or overnight) and remove to reveal stunning curls that’ll last all day long.

As you can see, there are all kinds of unique hairstyles you can tackle with nothing more than a few bobby pins, some hair spray, and a bit of your time. Give these a try for yourself. You may just discover a new favorite look!

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