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3 Easy Hairstyles for Kids

Kids love to do things for themselves.  They also love to copy their parents.  Long before the days when parents are uncool and don’t know anything come along, kids think the moon and sun rise and set with mom and dad.  That’s why you may catch them in the mirror putting on makeup and dresses and getting ready for work.  If it’s good enough for mommy and daddy, it’s enough for them too!

If your little girl is starting to mimic your every move, this is the perfect time to teach her some hairstyles she can master herself. These easy hairstyles for kids are simple: they are designed for little hands to be able to execute and won’t require any adult involvement once they get the hang of it. All you’ll need is a brush, a comb, a styling product like the Multi-Benefit Styling Cream for flyaways, some hair ties, and cute barrettes. Oh, and of course a mirror and an excited little girl!

Let’s Twist Again

This is one of the cutest hairstyles little girls can wear and it takes very little time to create.  Have her part her hair with the pointed end of the comb or use the first two teeth if you are not using a rat tail comb. If you are a stickler for straight parts you will have to do this yourself, but part of the appeal of this hairstyle is the jaggedness that only little hands can make. After the hair is parted gather one side together, brushing it smooth. Hold the hair tie open on one side and thread the hair through it. Twist the hair tie and repeat. Do this a third time if needed.  

Separate the hair that is being held by the hair tie into two sections and twist.  Try to make the two sections equal.  Once you get close to the bottom, switch the twist to a braid by creating a third section – this will hold the hair in place without having to add another hair tie to the end.  Repeat these steps on the other side.

Bun and Bang

The little girl in your life will love this hairstyle because she can make it as fancy or as casual as she wants.  Have her make a part in the front of her hair, just above her forehead, creating a horizontal line.  One part is already done!  She can let the hair in the front hand the way it or wet it and curl it around her finger to create loose spirals.  Bang done!  

She will use her brush to push all of the remaining hair to the middle of her head, making sure to keep the part that has been gathered held securely in one hand. Once she has brushed and smoothed all of it (an adult may need to add a little gel and/or bobby pins here), she will secure a hair tie in the same way that is used in the twisting hairstyle – hold the hair tie open, push the hair through, twist the tie, and repeat.

Barrette Headband

This hairstyle is just plain fun.  If your little girl likes to experiment with different colors in her wardrobe, this will be an exciting way to accent for her.  Have her brush her hair to make sure it is detangled.  If she would like a bang, now is the time to create it. And now starts the fun!  Going around her head, have her pin her hair back with a barrette. Use different colors to create a rainbow effect or use the same color for continuity. Have her follow the natural shape of her head, creating an arc until it reaches the over side. If one row is enough, stop there. But we’re almost positive she won’t think one row is nearly enough!  Two rows work great if she is trying to create a normal sized headband.  Three rows if she is going for a wide version. Any more rows are just for fun.  Don’t let her go to sleep with this hairstyle though – the barrettes may make it hard for her to get comfortable.

If your little girl loves playing dress up and does your hair on a regular basis, she will have a blast creating real hairstyles that look fantastic all by herself. This will be a great time to try these new styles out because for the month of September all Ion hair care and hair color products are buy 1 get 1 50% off as well as $10 off any full size ION styling tool! Let her choose her own styling tools and products for a fraction of the price.

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