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Easy Craft Ideas for the Home

Celebrate the spring season with easy craft ideas for the home! From a five-minute spring bouquet to DIY crafts to make with the kids, there’s something for everyone as spring begins to bloom.

Easy Craft Ideas for the Home

Five Minute Spring Bouquet

A simply yet elegantly beautiful way to add a pop of spring color to your door, this easy bouquet requires only four items and just five minutes of your time. You’ll need six to nine faux tulips, a soap dish with suction cups, floral tape and a wire ribbon in a color to complement the tulips. Choose several different colors of faux tulips to create a rainbow look or keep it simple with one or two colors.

To make the hanging bouquet:

  • Begin by suctioning the soap dish (bouquet holder) to the door with just a few drops of water.
  • Arrange your faux tulips in a bouquet and secure with floral tape.
  • Tie a bow with the wire ribbon and add it to the bouquet.
  • Thread the stems of the faux tulip bouquet through the soap dish bottom.

The bow will hide the soap dish and you’ll have a pretty, spring bouquet to enjoy all season.

Easy Craft Ideas for the Home

Spring Grapevine Wreath

Choose your favorite size grapevine wreath and get ready to create a beautiful but easy craft project that can be made in less than an hour. You’ll need:

  • One grapevine wreath
  • Decorative moss
  • Small faux blooms or a bendable branch with small blooms on it
  • Small faux Easter eggs: three in different colors
  • One small bird’s nest to hold the eggs
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


To begin, lay the grapevine wreath on a flat surface that’s protected with a cloth or paper. Arrange the decorative moss around the wreath, hot gluing it to secure the moss to the wreath. Arrange the faux blooms or blooming branch next and hot glue it into place. Hot glue the small faux Easter eggs into the bird’s nest and then attach the nest with the eggs onto the wreath at the bottom, slightly off-center. You may also want to add a bow at the top as well. Hang on a front door or in the entranceway of your home.

Easy Craft Ideas for the Home

Painted Garden Rocks

This is a great craft activity with the kids, allowing them to stretch their creative wings. Together, take a nature hike to find several interesting looking rocks that are large enough to be painted. The rocks should be about the size of an adult’s palm or slightly larger. If this is not possible, visit your local craft store or even home improvement center to purchase rocks.

Spread out craft paper, newspaper or protective plastic on a flat surface to protect it from paint mishaps. Let the kids decorate the rocks with fun designs, pictures or their names using the paints. Acrylic paints tend to work best. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly and then add these works of art to your garden landscaping.


Tip: Be sure to wash and then thoroughly dry the rocks before painting.

Easy Craft Ideas for the Home

Food-coloring Flowers

This is a fun project for both adults and kids—white flowers dyed beautiful colors using simple food coloring. All you need are the following items:

  • White flowers: daisies, mums, carnations
  • Several glasses or jars (Mason jars work well)
  • Food coloring
  • Tap water

You’ll need at least one glass or jar for each color and it needs to be heavy enough so it won’t tip when filled with water and flowers. Fill the glass or jar about 2/3 with tap water. Add several drops of food coloring to the water and swirl it around to mix. Get creative with your colors! It’s a great learning craft for kids as they see how blue and yellow mix to form green and red and blue create purple.

An adult should separate the flowers into singles (if they’re in bunches) and also cut an angle on the bottom of the stem with a knife or shears to shorten the flowers to fit the glasses/jars. Remove any leaves that are lower on the stem so they don’t become submerged into the water.

Place the white flowers into the water with the food coloring and allow them to sit until the blooms turn the color you desire. If you want a richer, darker color it will take longer than a pastel. You should be able to see some color forming within an hour.

Spring crafts from the home have never been easier or more fun. Get inspired and create something amazing today.

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